Full Information About LABOUM’s Solbin (Profile, Facts, Dating With BTS Jin, and Plastic Surgery)


Ahn Sol-bin, Laboum’s New Maknae

Laboum is a girl group under Global H Media Entertainment that debuted in August 2014. The group initially consisted of 6 members, but Yul-hee quit the group in 2017, and now there are 5 members left, they are Yu-jeong, So-yeon, ZN, Hae-in, and Sol-bin. Since their debut, they have been quite active in the industry. Sol-bin is one of the most active and popular members of Laboum. Let’s get to know her better!

Profile of LABOUM’s Solbin

Name: Ahn Sol-bin
Stage name: Sol-bin
Date of birth: August 17th, 1997
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Education: Hanlim Multi Art School

Interesting Facts About LABOUM’s Solbin

  1. Sol-bin was born in Seong-nam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  2. Her nickname is Solbinnie or Sol-bean
  3. She is friends with GFRIEND’s Ye-rin, 15&’s Ji-min, and Pentagon’s Kino
  4. She has an older brother
  5. Sol-bin is a model for “Evisu”
  6. She was the model in LC9’s “Mama Beat,” U-Kiss’s “Stalker,” Brown Eyed Girls’s “One Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  7. She is said to have a similar look with Girl’s Day’s Hye-ri
  8. Sol-bin composed and wrote “Heal Song”
  9. She participated in King Of Masked Singer as Flower Fairy
  10. Sol-bin became the maknae of the group after Yul-hee left the group

LABOUM’s Solbin Discography

Outside of her group’s activities, Sol-bin’s also seen in music videos and even a movie! Here is a list of her appearances:


  1. Dual: Final Round as Jung-ran’s colleague (cameo)


  1. Music Bank

Music Videos

  1. LC9’s Mama Beat
  2. U-Kiss’s Stalker
  3. Brown Eyed Girls’ One Midsummer Night’s Dream

LABOUM’s Solbin Dramas

It is a common thing for an idol to also venture a career as an actor or actress. The same thing with Sol-bin, she made her acting debut in a drama and since then she has appeared in various dramas. Have you watched these dramas?

  1. The Good Witch as Bong Cheon-ji (2018)
  2. Meloholic as Kim Min-jung (2017)
  3. Reunited Worlds as Nam Soon-ji (2017)
  4. Solomon’s Perjury as Lee Yoo-jin (2016-2017)

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