Get Closer to Korean Female Rapper, Kasper (Profile, Facts, Debut, Become Youtuber, and Instagram)

Learn More About Female Rapper, Kasper!

When we talk about Korean rappers, we immediately think of Zico, iKON’s Bobby, BTS’ RM, Loco, Beenzino, and many more. If we talk about the female ones, we may mention some names such as Cheetah, CL, AOA’s Jimin, Jessi, and more. Many rappers are known from Mnet’s competition programs, like Show Me The Money and its spin-off for female rappers Unpretty Rapstar. 

Of all the female rappers, one of them has even joined both the rap competitions; she is known as Kasper. She has been through a lot from a YouTuber, a member of Play The Siren, a contestant, and now she debuted as a solo rapper. How did her career journey go? How is she now? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed run-through of everything about Kasper, so stay tuned!

Full Profile of Kasper

Stage Name: Kasper
Birth Name: Serine Ellen Lee
Date of Birth: April 17th, 1993
Nationality: Korean-Japanese-American
Height: 166 cm (5’55”)
Blood Type: B

Kasper was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. She speaks Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Spanish. She is friends with K.A.R.D’s BM and Kisum. She likes K.A.R.D and Red Velvet very much. She is a former member of the hip-hop group Play The Siren. She was a contestant on Mnet’s rap competition Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 and Show Me The Money Season 4She officially debuted on January 18th, 2017, under DSP Media by releasing the single “Lean On Me.” In an interview with International BNT in 2018, Kasper revealed that her ideal type is someone generous. She added that she did happen to have a crush on someone within the entertainment industry.

Kasper Becoming a YouTuber

Kasper’s first appearance to the public was through YouTube. She started a YouTube channel named “KASPER 캐스퍼” on February 10th, 2010. She has also been sharing some contents with channel “WishTrendTV” where she talks about the Korean entertainment industry and the life in it. In one of her series, called KPOP 101, she shares about many K-Pop stories. One of her videos tells about the private auditions and another tells about the public auditions.

Unfortunately, on her own channel, she made almost all videos in Korean without any English subtitles so it might be difficult to understand for international fans even though there are also a few with English subs. She used to upload videos of her favorite songs but we can’t find videos ahead from 2014. The first video in 2014 was uploaded on January 22nd. It’s a track which she wrote with rapper Lepe. You can check the video below.

Eventually, she started to upload some make-up tutorial videos for different occasions, like daily, holiday, winter natural, photoshoot, etc.

Not only that, but she also uploaded skin care tips and hair vlogs too.

She also uploaded a video about making mac and cheese from shopping the ingredients to cooking it herself.

Her other kinds of videos are covers of other artists’ songs. She has made some cover videos some of which are of Korean artists and others of international ones.

Sometimes, she shares her own thoughts about social issues like stereotypes, plastic surgery, and others.

Up until now, her most recent video was uploaded on July 24th, 2019. It looks like she is having a Q&A with a doctor. Unfortunately, it was again all in Korean without any English subtitles.

It’s good to see Kasper still being active as a YouTuber!

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