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Get Closer With Kim Yoo-jung’s Sister, Kim Yeon-jung (Profile, Facts, Visual, and Drama List)

Kim Yeon-jung Byeol Korea

Get to Know with Kim Yeon-jung

Who doesn’t know Kim Yoo-jung? She is a talented young actress, apparently she has a sister who is no less beautiful and talented just like herself. Her sister’s name is Kim Yeon-jung. Just by looking at the photos, you can see right away that they’re sisters with close recommendations to each other.

Slightly different from Kim Yoon-jung’s cute looks, her sister Kim Yeon-jung exudes a bit more maturity. Their big and beautiful eyes say they’re indeed sisters. Want to know more about Kim Yeon-jung? Check this out!

Kim Yeon-jung’s Profile and Facts

Kim Yeon-jung and Kim Yoo-jung differ only 4 years from their birth year. Kim Yoo-jung was born in 1999 and Kim Yeon-jung was born in 1995, although not too far apart, their faces are twins and the same age.

Previously Kim Yeon-jung was not interested in going into entertainment world, then she accepted an offer to debut as an actress and finally she tried like Kim Yoo-jung in 2017. Kim Yeon-jung first appeared on the Happy Together 3 variety show where Kim Yeon-jung provides a support video for Kim Yoo-jung.

In July 2017, Kim Yeon-jung debuted as an actress by starring in a web drama. Recent reports revealed that Kim Yeon-jung will be taking part in the new season of the popular web drama, The Crush’s Omniscient Point of View. Park Sung-woo of Produce 101 season 2 has also been cast in the web drama. After the web drama aired, many people praised Kim Yeon-jung’s excellent performance and acting skills. In fact, some say that Kim Yeon-jung’s acting skills are the same as Kim Yoo-jung.

The Beautiful Sisters, Kim Yoo-jung and Kim Yeon-jung

Since Kim Yeon-jung appeared on television and was known as the older sister of Kim Yoo-jung, their appearance immediately became the talk of many people. Previously, not many people knew about the face of Kim Yeon-jung, but after her appearance on variety shows and web dramas many gave praise that Kim Yeon-jung and Kim Yoo-jung are like twins and they are very beautiful and charming too. On various occasions, they really look like twins and it is very difficult to differentiate between Kim Yeon-jung and Kim Yoo-jung. Now, let’s check Kim Yeon-jung and Kim Yoo-jung moments together!

Can you see the difference? Their faces differ only in their jaws, but in their eyes. nose, and shape of their lips are very similar and they look very similar to each other. In fact, there is almost no difference it’s just that Kim Yeon-jung’s face looks more mature than Kim Yoo-jung.

This is a picture of Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Yeon-jung, and their brother while enjoying vacation time together. They look very charming even though they don’t use makeup. Kim Yeon-jung and Kim Yoo-jung’s faces look a little different, but their beauty is still charming.

Can you see the difference between Kim Yeon-jung and Kim Yoo-jung in the photo? They both wear glasses with the same model and their appearance looks very similar and adorable, only Kim Yeon-jung’s jaw shape is slightly wider than Kim Yoo-jung but their faces look very similar.

Kim Yeon-jung’s Stunning Visual

Kim Yeon-jung also has visuals that are not inferior to Kim Yoo-jung. She has a slightly wide jaw shape, the shape of the eye that is not too narrow, sharp nose, and a thin lip shape. She always looks very charming, even she can look like a teenager or adult. The visuals are not kidding.

Even with a shocking expression, the visuals of Kim Yeon-jung are neither lost nor ugly. In fact, Kim Yeon-jung looks very beautiful and adorable with her expression like that. Her appearance on the web drama, showed Kim Yeon-jung looking good like a teenager.

See? The visuals are not kidding. Kim Yeon-jung really looks very adorable and her beauty is already recognized by many people. It even makes a lot of people confused whether to choose Kim Yoo-jung or Kim Yeon-jung? Because their beauty is indeed very high.

In fact, Kim Yeon-jung can look very mature and sexy. With her short hair and expression, she managed to get many people muddled up with the appearance of Kim Yeon-jung who could appear very mature.

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