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Get Closer With Beautiful Korean Actress, Kim Min-jung

Kim Min-jung is a South Korean actress who began her career as a successful child actress and transformed into a popular adult actress. She has had roles in many popular dramas and movies, and gained a lot of love from viewers and the public. Let’s get to know more about actress Kim Min-jung.

Kim Min-jung’s Full Profile

Kim Min-jung profile
  • Real Name = Kim Min-jung
  • Birthday = July 30, 1982
  • Origin = Seoul, South Korea
  • Height = 167 cm
  • Weight = 43 kg
  • Blood Type = A
  • Education = Hanyang University, Theater and Film
  • Occupation = Actress
  • Agency = Great Company
  • Social Media = V Live | Facebook | Instagram

Facts About Kim Min-jung

  1. She made her acting debut in 1990 through MBC Best Theater “episode: Widow”.
  2. Debuting at 6 years old, she was the most in-demand and praised child actress of her generation.
  3. Among many other child actresses, she was one of the few who made a successful transition into an adult actor.
  4. She had done a total 13 CFs from her debut until now.
  5. Her hobbies are watching movies and listening to music.
  6. She practiced her dancing really hard for her 2013 movie, “Queen of The Night”.
  7. She has a beautiful forehead when wearing a traditional hanbok.

Kim Min-jung’s Discography

Kim-Min-Jung discography

Kim Min-jung isn’t just good at acting, but also at singing. She sang one song for the soundtrack for a movie she was starring in. It was for the 2009 movie “Strike Love”, and was titled From Me To You. She also did a duet with Seo In-gook, with the song Love U.

Kim Min-jung’s Filmography

Kim Min-jung actress

Active since a young age, Kim Min-jung has taken roles in many popular dramas and films since her debut. Although she wasn’t always part of the main cast in all of the projects, she still did great work. Kim Min-jung has been in 46 dramas and 13 movies until 2019. Here is the list of Kim Min-jung filmography until the present.

Kim Min-jung’s movie list
Year Movie Title Role
1989 Samtos and Dori with Braids
1992 Comeback, Frog Boys
1993 Kid Cop
1995 지금은 순찰중
1998 Whispering Corridors Chatter
Zzang Class President
2002 L’abri: Bus Stop So-hee
2003 Project X
2004 Flying Boys Hwangbo Soo-jin
2006 Forbidden Quest Jeong-bin
2009 The Scam Yoo Seo-yeon
2012 Return of the Mafia Kim Hyo-jeong
2013 Queen of the Night Hee-joo


Kim Min-jung’s drama list
Year TV Network Drama Title Role
1990 MBC MBC Best Theater: Widow
Bizarre Family, Bizarre School
1991 KBS Flower That Never Wilts
1992 SNS Women’s Theater: Shaking Distance
1994 MBC Stranger in Paradise
1995 Jang Nok-su
Adolescence 2
1996 생명
Princess Deok-hye
KBS Jo Gwang-jo
1997 KBS2 Drama City: There’s Still Time to Love
SBS 70-minute Drama: Baby Blues Fetal Diary
70-minute Drama: Baby Blues Parenting Diary
70-minute Drama: Isle
KBS Wedding Dress
MBC Yesterday
1998 MBC Best Theater: 설사약 권하는 사회
KBS The King and the Queen Queen Jeong-sun
MBC See and See Again
1999 KBS Nice Girls
SBS KAIST Kim Min-hee
MBC I’m Still Loving You
KBS Invitation
2000 MBC Bad Boys
SBS The Unstoppables
Medical Center
KBS She’s the One
2001 KBS2 Mina
2002 KBS Sidestreet People
SBS Rival Jung Chae-yeon
MBC The Thought of Wearing Rubber Shoes Backwards
2003 SBS Land of Wine Sun-hee
2004 MBC Ireland Han Shi-yeon
2005 SBS Fashion 70’s Ko Joon-hee / Kang-hee
2006 Stranger Than Paradise Yoo-hee-ram
2007 MBC New Heart Nam Hye-suk
2009 Strike Love Chou Eom-ji
2011 KBS2 The Thorn Birds Han Yoo-kyung
2012 tvN The Third Hospital Jin Hye-jin
2014 Gap-dong Oh Maria
2015 KBS2 The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 Mae-wol
2017 jTBC Man to Man Cha Do-ha
2018 tvN Mr. Sunshine Kudo Hina / Lee Yang-hwa
2019 KBS2 My Fellow Citizen Park Hoo-ja

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