Get Closer With Korean Legend Folk Rock Singer Kim Kwang-seok (Profile, Facts, Tribute, and Legacy)

kim kwang seok

Let’s Meet The Legendary Star Kim Kwang Seok

Many of us, didn’t know about him but knew about his music. Yes, he is Kim Kwang-seok. But the public’s love for modern folk singer Kim Kwang-seok and his songs grew even though he died 20 years ago. Like it never disappears even years after years. Even there’s a lot of story and news about his died. But his music never old. So, today we are going to strip thoroughly all about him. And if you wondering who is he, lucky for you, The Byeol Korea will give you all the information, check it out.

Full Profile and Facts Kim Kwang-seok

kim kwang seok

Kim Kwang-seok was known as a South Korean actor who has appeared in films and television series. He was given the first major film role in the 1999 film Doctor K, in which he played a physical therapist. His first TV role was in the 2004 TV show When a Man Loves a Woman. He has starred in several films such as Countdown and Champ.

He has also made appearances in television dramas such as Arang and the Magistrate, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Late Blossom, and Scent of a Woman. Based on information from the Korean website, he was born on November 7, 1967 (age 48 years). The Zodiac is Scorpio. His height is 172cm and his weight is 67kg. He was born in Yeongdo County, Busan, South Korea and is a South Korean nationality since birth.

Kim Kwang-seok’s Debut with Band Dongwulmon

kimkawang seok

His of music begin when he was as student at school. He begin his band in school with other student, the band was Dongwulmon. It is a folk rock band, Kim Chang Wan was being the main singer, and at that time the band was supported by him. Kim Kwang-seok released two albums with the band in 1988. Dongmulwon continued to release albums with varying line-ups after Kim’s departure. In 2014, a musical about Kim and his years in Dongmulwon, called That Summer, Dongmulwon – The Zoo, debuted in South Korea.

Kim Kwang-seok’s Breakthrough as Soloist

kim kwang seok

On October 1989, he decided for going soloist. And he released 2 album in 1991 and 1992. The most popular song of his solo album is Love Has Gone and Song Of My Life. Different with other singer, he never promote his album by appearing on Tv but he chose promote the album by making concert. Every time he was asked by the reporter why he did that, he answered “I’m still unused to the popularity that I gained, but I rather enjoy it”. And in July 1993 he made a remake album of korean folk rock and he made a month long concert for promoting the album. Not only that in the year 1994 he was never stop making music, so for his 4th album he lunch in that year. This album was monumental and being history for his career as a soloist.

Mystery Behind Kim Kwang-seok’s Death

kim kwang seok

Sadly, when his career just being on the top of the world, on 6th of January 1996, he was found dead in his house around dawn with a cord around his neck.  January 1996, the body of Kim Kwang-seok was found hanging at the singer’s home. Police concluded that Kim, suffering from depression, had killed himself. Their finding was based largely on his widow’s testimony. He was 31. But the family said it was a murder. But until now, his death was still a mystery.

Mystery Behind Kim Kwang-seok’s Daughter Death

kim kwang seok

So many controversy around his death and after his death the world was shocked by the death of his daughter. the death of rocker Kim Kwang Seok’s daughter, named Kim Seo Yeon. The death of his daughter also raised new suspicions about the cause of the legendary rocker’s suicide in 1996. An investigative document written by Korean reporter Lee Sang Ho stated that Kim Kwang Seok was not a suicide, but because killed by someone. So many mystery behind his daughter’s death. One of them is the death of his daughter who had been hidden for 10 years from everyone. She dead on 2007. The mother said For the past 10 years Son Suk Hee has said that his daughter lives abroad. Son Suk Hee deliberately hid her daughter’s death because she was too shocked by consecutive deaths. Until now, there has been no official information and details about the results of investigations from the Korean police.

IU Special Tribute for Kim Kwang-seok

kim kwang seok

IU officially launched the cover song video clip. The song’s video depicts IU’s tribute to senior singer Kim Kwang-seok. Not just launching a video clip, along with that, IU did not forget to write down her admiration for Kim Kwang-seok. Curious as to what the video clips are? Come see the video below.

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