Get to Know More About Comedian Kim Jun-ho (Profile, Facts, Marriage, Family, and Scandal)

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All You Need to Know About Comedian From Korea, Kim Jun-ho

Let’s get to know the funny guy, Kim Jun-ho! For those of you who aren’t familiar with his name yet, don’t worry, this article will help you learn more about him! Kim Jun-ho is a famous comedian from South Korea. Not only is he recognized as an comedian, he’s also known a the singer and television personality.

His namebecame more famous after he won two Top Excellence Awards and also the Daesang Awards at the KBS Entertainment Awards. Since then, people have recognized him and admitted that he was a talented comedian.

In this article, Byeol Korea introduces you the hilarious guy Kim Jun-ho, and everything you should know about him!

Kim Jun-ho’s Profile and Facts

Kim Jun-ho

Meet Kim Jun-ho, who’s famously known in South Korea as the comedian, a singer, and as the executive chairman of the Busan International Comedy Festival since 2013! As a comedian, one of his biggest influences is Charlie Chaplin, which is why he used “Charlie Kim” as his stage name.

Kim Jun-ho’s Full Profile

  • Birth Name: Kim Jun-ho
  • Stage Name: Charlie Kim / Kim Jun-ho
  • Date of Birth: Daejeon, South Korea, December 25, 1973
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Age: 43 (International age) / 44 (Korean age)
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 79kg
  • Instagram: @charliekimi

Facts About Kim Jun-ho

And here are some interesting facts about Kim Jun-ho!

  • His stage name was Charlie Kim
  • One of his favorite comedians is Charlie Chaplin
  • He used to be major in acting at Dankook University, but then he dropped out
  • Kim Jun-ho has released some albums, such as Happy Singer Project and Good Zombie
  • He has one sister named Kim Mi-jin, and a brother named Kim Jun-mo
  • He started to gain fame after his appearance in the comedy series Gag Concert
  • Kim Jun-ho was the founder and also co-CEO of CoKo Entertainment

Kim Jun-ho’s Filmography

Kim Jun-ho

Here’s Kim Jun-ho’s filmography!


Year Title Role
2012 Love Clinique Subway Man
2012 Whatcha Wearin’? Restaurant Waiter
2012 Ice Age 4 Voice for Lynn
2013 The Gifted Hands Marketing Evangelist
2015 Enemies in Law MC


TV Movie

Year Title Role
2013 Night Watch Soo-ji’s Ex Husband


TV Series

Year Title Role
2006 Sweet Spy Ka Oh-ri
2007 Air City No Tae-man
2008 New Heart Sul Rae-hyun
2008 Night after Night Lee Sang-ho
2010 Personal Taste Cameo
2015 Late Night Cafeteria Cameo
2017 Hit the Top Passenger/Doctor


Variety Shows

Title Network
Human Condition KBS
Qualifications of Men KBS
Quiz 4 Men KBS
Secret KBS
The Gag Concert You’ve Never Seen Before KBS
Happy Together KBS
Joy Hug Me KBS
Sense King tvN
기막힌외출 (S1-S6) ComedyTV


2 Days 1 Night KBS
Reckless But Happy SBS
한집살림 TV Chosun
Seoulmate 2 tvN

Kim Jun-ho’s Discography


Music Videos

  • MAMAMOO – Aze Gag
  • Unnies – Shut Up

Other Songs

  • Good Zombie (2017)
  • The Zombie (2013)
  • Happy Singer (2011)
  • 같기도 (2007)

Kim Jun-ho’s Awards and Nominations

Kim Jun-ho

this talented comedian has been recognized for various awards throughout his career.  He’s the list of his awards and nominations.

Year Event Awards / Nominations
2005 KBS Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award
2009 36th Korea Broadcasting Grand Comedian Award
2010 11th Republic of Korea Entertainment Visual Arts Division Photogenic Award
2011 18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Comedian Award
2011 KBS Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award
2013 25th Korea PD Awards Comedian Grand Award
2013 Ministry Appreciation Award
2013 Cable TV Broadcasting TV Star Award
2013 KBS Entertainment Awards Daesang Grand Prize Award


2016 3rd Korean Comedy Hot Festival Shining Comedians in 2016 (Individual Category)
2018 KBS Entertainment Awards Best Couple Award (with Kim Jong-min)


Kim Jun-ho in 2 Days 1 Night

Kim Jun-ho

As you can see from his filmography, Kim Jun-ho has appeared on the famous variety-reality show, 2 Days 1 Night! In 2 Days 1 Night, Kim Jun-ho participated with some other artists, including Cha Taehyun, Kim Jong-min, Yoon Shi-yoon, Defcon, and others.

Basically, 2 Days 1 Night is a variety-reality show. It was divided into two segments on Happy Sunday, and it aired weekly. 2 Days 1 Night had the motto, “Real Wild Road Variety“.

There’s an episode of 2 Days 1 Night where Kim Jun-ho got to be a lucky guy, as we could see from the title, “Kim Jun-ho Luck Creation Special“. The other participants were assuring Kim Jun-ho that he would received the best day ever, but actually they had a prank for him.

2 Days of Night

At first, he thought that he had won the popularity contest, but then the other participants quickly changed the subject. After winning on a mission, he was treated well with a homecooked dinner. While he was eating, Kim Jun-ho said that the meal tasted like his Mom’s cooking.

And then, suddenly, his Mom and his younger sister came in as a surprise. They were wearing T-Shirts with Kim Jun-ho’s picture on them, and they explained that his mom had cooked the food.

If you haven’t ever seen 2 Days 1 Night yet, go it out on YouTube, through KBS World’s official channel!

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