Complete Information About Kim Joon (Profile, Facts, Military Service, Marriage, and Daughter)


Kim Joon’s Military Service

Kim Joon

Kim Joon was supposed to enlist in the Korean army on July 25, 2011. But, in order to serve on the police force instead for his two-year mandatory military service, he delayed the enlistment date until September. Before enlisting, Kim Joon released 40 black and white photos with the title “Private Kim Joon” and posted them on his Facebook page.

On September 29, 2011, Kim Joon enlisted into the military. He received training for 5 weeks before proceeding to his military service as a conscripted policeman. Fellow T-Max member Park Han-bi and representatives from their entertainment agency also went to see him enlist.

Kim Joon was discharged after serving his mandatory military service on June 28, 2013.

Kim Joon’s Marriage

In June 2018, it was reported that Kim Joon has been married for more than three years. He married his girlfriend in 2015. They started dating even before he debuted in the entertainment industry. His wife is a non-celebrity, and they have been dating for nine years. His wife is working as an office worker and is the same age as him.

Kim Joon

When Kim Joon appeared in The Return of Superman, he revealed that the wedding was a small wedding with only family and close acquaintances in attendance. He and his wife married in order to have children. Initially, they intended to get married years later, but their doctor told them that they might not be able to have children if they began too late. Kim Joon also said that even though he valued his work, having children and making a family were his life goals as well. Therefore, he asked his girlfriend to marry him and had children.

Kim Joon’s Daughter

Kim Joon

Kim Joon revealed his daughter during his latest appearance on The Return of Superman. His daughter’s name is Kim So-yi. On the show, he revealed that it was hard for him and his wife to have children. Even if his wife got pregnant, it was hard to give birth to a child. He worried a lot, but thankfully, So-yi was born as a healthy child. That was also the reason why he refrained from having any articles published about his family. He knew that pregnancy would be a struggle for his wife, and he wanted to lessen his wife’s burden.

Kim Joon Appearance The Return of Superman

Kim Joon and his daughter So-yi appeared on The Return of Superman episode 241 which aired on KBS2 on September 2, 2018. Kim Joon and So-yi became guests in William and Bentley’s section. Sam Hammington revealed that he and Kim Joon became friends through actor Ryu Soo-young. Moreover, William is the same age as So-yi with a three-day difference.

Sam Hammington and Kim Joon met in Namyangju City, Gyeonggi Province, where the drama Boys Over Flowers was filmed. They came across a cardboard cutout of the F4 characters from the drama. Kim Joon asked his daughter which color she liked best, and she answered red, the color of Kim Joon’s character’s clothes. Along with Sam, William, and Bentley, he stood behind the cardboard and asked So-yi to choose the one she liked the most, and So-yi pointed at William.

Kim Joon

They then went to a cafe and had a chat. When William was crying because of Sam, So-yi blew on his wound so that William would stop crying. Soon after that, William stopped crying and So-yi wiped his tears. Seeing that, Kim Joon was jealous and wondered what he would do when she brings home a boyfriend. When William was playing with So-yi, Kim Joon told Sam about his wedding and So-yi.

Kim Joon

After that, Sam and Kim Joon went to have lunch together along with William, Bentley, and So-yi. They had Korean food and enjoyed their time together.

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