How Old is Kang Chan-hee? Let’s Find Out The Facts and His Full Profile!


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All You Need to Know About Handsome South Korean Actor, Kang Chan-hee

Kang Chan-hee or better called SF9’s Chan-hee began his career in the entertainment industry when he was 9 years old. He started his career as kid celebrity in Queen Seondeok which has been broadcasting at MBC on 2009. He performed the role of Hwarang. He performed several roles following his very first look in Queen Seondeok. Back in 2016, he emerged in the favorite play Signal.

The play has been about a police profiler,” Park Hae-young, that discovered a walkie-talkie that somehow picks up signals in the detective previously, Lee Jae-han. Chan-hee played the Use of Park Sun-woo. Sun-woo had been Park Hae-young’s brother that became convicted for something that he did not do.

In 2015, Chan-hee’s bureau, FNC Entertainment, declared they are making a reality series about a pre-debut team referred to as”Neoz School”. Chan-hee joined among the associates. In 2016, Chan-hee surfaced at a K-pop group named SF9, and he picked”Chan-hee” because of his name.

Personal Life of Actor Kang Chan-hee


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Kang Chan-hee kicked off his introduction since Hwarang at a play named Queen Seondeok. Following that, he obtained plenty of supply to perform with a youthful version of the protagonist. Chan-hee also looked at TVXQ’s Balloon Music Video throughout his youth.

He looked as a miniature Yoochun, together with his childhood friends ASTRO’s Moonbin along with IKON’s Chanwoo.In 2015, he began playing with a teen personality, like his age. His fame rose due to his acting from the favorite play Signal.

Chan-hee will provide his lines well, which lets the individuals who see him sense exactly what his character feels throughout that moment. People forecast that Chan-hee will develop into a fantastic actor later on. Let us wait to see that his older side later on.

Let’s Take a Look on Kang Chan-hee’s Full Profile


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  • Stage Name: Chan-hee (찬희)
  • Real Name: Kang Chan-hee (강찬희)
  • Date of birth: January 17, 2000
  • Occupation: Idol and Actor
  • Position: Maknae, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 174 cm or 5”8’
  • Weight: 61 kg or 134 lbs

Surprisingly Facts About Kang Chan-hee That You Don’t Know


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  1. Chan-hee was created Hongseong, South Chungcheong, South Korea
  2. He’s a younger brother
  3. He had been a former Fantagio trainee
  4. He had been part of i-Teen job with ASTRO’s Moonbin
  5. Chan-hee surfaced as celebrity in 2009 beneath Fantagio
  6. He emerged at TVXQ’s Balloon MV as miniature Yoochun and ASTRO’s Moonbin along with IKON’s Chanwoo
  7. He transferred into FNC Entertainment at 2013
  8. He won an art prize if he had been a kid
  9. He’s appeared at 10 dramas because his introduction in 2009
  10. He’s appeared in two movies because his introduction
  11. Chan-hee’s hobbies are drawing, sleeping and playing with the piano
  12. He could play the piano and the violin
  13. His favourite food is chicken
  14. He desires to show up in a poultry commercial movie because he actually enjoys poultry
  15. He constantly asks Inseong to purchase poultry to him
  16. He requires long showers
  17. He moves dumb therefore his members phone him sloth
  18. He enjoys reading novels, also he seems older
  19. SF9 members stated that Chan-hee was good in providing excellent
  20. He graduated from Seoul of Performing Arts School (SOPA) about February, 2018
  21. He explained”I have enjoyed SHINee ever because I was young. Taemin sunbaenim is my first role model”
  22. He acquired SHINee’s lightstick out of a buff at a buff signing
  23. In a buff registering up, a fan asked him concerning his perfect type. Chan-hee stated that his ideal type is really a noona that has a gorgeous heart
  24. He’s an ASTRO-signed record in his home
  25. He’s best buddies with ASTRO’s Moonbin along with IKON’s Chanwoo

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