Get Closer With Former Member EXID, Jung Yu-ji (Profile, Facts, Debut, Solo Artist, and Latest News)


U.Ji’s Latest News and Updates

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Earlier last month, on July 27th, 2019, U.Ji participated on KBS2’s TV show Immortal Song in the Yoo Shin Nae special episode. During the show, she talked about winning to So Chan Wee and Kim Hyun Jung. The victory has a special meaning since she took home her first trophy, U.Ji had competed around six times on the show and always lost every single time.

jung yuji bestie immortal song

Then, back on July 6th, the idol who turned into a musical actress burst into tears after being announced as the winner. U.Ji continued her crying in the dressing room.

After introducing U.Ji in the episode of Immortal Song that aired on July 27th, MC Jung Jae Hyung said, “You had won during your last appearance on the program. I was really worried because you cried so much after you won, to the point where you were bawling the entire time you walked to your dressing room.”

U.Ji answered, “I used to think a lot about how a day like that would never come for me. At the time, I had never won before so my goal was just to win for once. So when the lights came on which is signifying that I won, I couldn’t stop tearing up.”

jung yuji bestie immortal song

She continued again, “My parents came to watch as audience members during many of my past Immortal Song appearances. They had never cried seeing my performance before, but they told me that they cried on that day.”

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