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Let’s Find Out 15 Facts About Jung-Eun Ji Apink, Also Her Full Discography and Instagram!

apink eunji Byeol Korea

apink eunji Byeol Korea

Get Closer With One of Apink’s Member, Jung Eunji

‘Eunji’ is still now a really popular female name in South Korea, also refers to a lot of actors in its amusement market. But in case you were planning to associate the title to K-pop, then the figure which will instantly come into mind is Eunji of woman group Apink, that debuted as their primary vocalist at 2011.

Called the Apink associate with the most effective public standing, Eunji is more than just the principal vocalist of its own team. Therefore, within this report, Byeol Korea will explain everything about Apink’s Eunji for you, beginning with her private profile, her enjoyable details, her tunes and solo record discography, her dramas and movies, her Instagram feed, and her shorts her shocking scandal using BTS V, along with her fame from South Korea. Thus, stay tuned!

Profile of Apink’s Eunji 2018


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  • Real Name: Jung Eun Ji
  • Stage Name: Eunji
  • Birth Name: Jung Hye Rim
  • Nickname: Happy Virus, Miss Jung
  • Date of Birth: Haeundae, Busan, 18 August 1993
  • Age: 26 (Korean age) / 25 (International age)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Religion: Christian
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Astrology: Rooster
  • Siblings: 1 (younger brother Jung Min Ki)
  • Position: Main vocalist, Face of the Group
  • Specialty: Vocals
  • Personality: Bright and optimistic
  • Training Time: 6 months
  • Agency: Plan A Entertainment
  • Education: Hapdo Kindergarten, Shinjae Elementary School, Jaesong Girls’ Middle School, Hyehwa Girls’ High School
  • Twitter: @Apinkjej
  • Instagram: @artist_eunji

Surprisingly Facts That You Don’t Know About Apink Eunji

  1. Eunji’s first dream was to become a vocal trainer.
  2. Eunji is the sole Apink member who didn’t look on BEAST’s (currently called HIGHLIGHT)’Amazing’ songs video.
  3. Eunji’s remarkable vocals are complemented by several idols, for example, Super Junior’s Heechul, 2AM’s Jinwoon, also Block B’s Taeil.
  4. Eunji took 2 weeks of complimentary Taekwondo course behind her mother’s back.
  5. Eunji rarely sees her dad because he functions in a builder business abroad.
  6. Eunji declared in an interview that her household had been in a great deal of debt, therefore when she was eventually able to repay it completely, Eunji shouted and hugged her mom.
  7. Eunji hurried into her daddy by chance in the airport on 27 April 2017, when she had been flying into Los Angeles to get functionality. Eunji’s dad had only returned to Korea from his business trip. As a kid, Eunji insisted on helping her dad with his bag, however, her father insisted he didn’t wish to disrupt his kid’s job, therefore he requested Eunji to check. Finally, Eunji did head to check but came back shortly after to assist her daddy.  Soon following that, another five Apink members greeted Eunji’s dad, and when the time came for Eunji along with her dad to the part, the two of them seemed really loath.
  8. Eunji’s very first love was a boy in the school who sat and had great grades at the college subjects.
  9. Eunji had the point fright because of injury during childhood. At that moment, Eunji’s teacher had advised her to sing, but she couldn’t memorize the lyrics, along with her friends laughed. After obtaining a session of hypnosis treatment, which was listed on the fourth and third episodes of Apink News Season 3, Eunji has recovered her confidence and will sing stage.
  10. About 28 September 2016, Eunji disclosed there is a good deal of enthusiasts who call ‘hyung’ or ‘oppa’ (phrases that refer to an elderly person ). On one of these events,  Eunji was at the front of this Plan A Entertainment construction when unexpectedly, a woman behind her known as”Eunji oppa! ” Eunji supposed she misheard and kept walking but the woman telephone Eunji’oppa’ back again. Consequently, Eunji switched her head and said, “Me?” And the woman responded, “Yes oppa. ” Eunji afterward stated, “However, I’m a woman” and the woman responded cooly, “Yes I understand, oppa“. Lol, such a buff!
  11. Eunji’s hobbies are all picturing songs movies, and playing the piano.
  12. Eunji cites singing constantly as her worst dependency.
  13. Eunji’s preferred number is 25.
  14. Eunji’s favorite colors are blue, blue, and crimson.
  15. Eunji’s preferred food is beef, and whatever her mom cooks.

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