Complete Information About Jung Dong-ha (Profile, Facts, Debut, Wedding, and Married)

jung dong-ha

You Will Be Amazed by this Angel-like Singer, Jung Dong-ha

There are a lot of Korean singers with a great voice. You might have heard about some Korean singers both male and female that often appear on TV shows. But have you heard about Jung Dong-ha? This male singer who already debuted in 2005 as he was selected to be the next vocalist of Boohwal. At that time, Jung Dong-ha was 25 years old and he had just finished with his military service. Jung Dong-ha automatically became the youngest member of the legendary Korean rock band, Boohwal.

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After he debuted as a Boohwal vocalist he released an official album titled Seojeong that was released in 2005. As the new face of Boohwal, Jung Dong-ha also gained a lot of popularity in the music industry as he got offers to fill out an OST of some dramas around three years after his debut. By this, Jung Dong-ha started to capture people’s attention and started to shine as a solo vocalist as well. Later on, Jung Dong-ha also appeared in the KBS music show titled Immortal Song frequently that increased his popularity even more. He also took part in a lot of musical theatres.

Jung Dong-ha is really out here living as a multi-talented man!

Well then, enough with the introduction, I suppose? Let’s just dig in deeper to find out more about this angel-like vocalist Jung Dong-ha.

Jung Dong-ha’s Full Profile

jung dong-ha

Facts about Jung Dong-ha

  1. In 2012, Jung Dong-ha revealed that he entered Korea Art College where he learned about practical music.
  2. Shin Dong-yeop, the MC of Immortal Song once said that when he looks at Jung Dong-ha, it reminds him of actor Song Joong-ki.
  3. Jung Dong-ha was the 9th vocalist of Boohwal for nine years.
  4. Jung Dong-ha was the winner of King of Masked Singer with a code name Get Excited Eheradio on episode 71-72.
  5. Jung Dong-ha met his wife on college and they had been dating for eight years before getting married in 2014.
  6. Jung Dong-ha stated that he was moved by his girlfriend’s supportive actions toward him and decided to marry her primarily for that.
  7. Jung Dong-ha became a vocal trainer at a vocal academy, Hyun Jin-young Go Project.
  8. On August 25th, 2014, Jung Dong-ha became the Radio DJ of EBS FM program titled Like Book, Like Music: This is Jung Dong-ha.
  9. Jung Dong-ha has starred as a musical actor several times.
  10. After leaving Boohwal, Jung Dong-ha started his solo career.

Jung Dong-ha’s Debut as the Ninth Vocalist of Rock Band Boowhal

In 2005, when Boohwal had their 20th anniversary, it was also the first time for Boowhal to announce their most recent vocalist, which was also their 9th vocalist, Jung Dong-ha. The new guy was just almost the same age as the band itself. Jung Dong-ha at that time was 25 years old and had just finished his mandatory military service the year before that.

He got chosen as Boohwal’s 9th vocalist through the open audition for a new vocalist. Jung Dong-ha sang a song by legendary Korean rock singer, Im Jae-bum, which has a title “Confession.” Kim Tae-won, the guitarist who is also the frontman of Boohwal, was amazed by Jung Dong-ha’s version of “Confession” at the audition. If Kim Tae-won himself was amazed by how brilliant Jung Dong-ha’s performance was, then what about us? That performance must be so breathtaking!

jung dongha boohwal

To get a visualization of Jung Dong-ha’s audition for Boohwal’s new vocalist, then how about seeing the video of him making a cover of the same song, “Confession,” which was sung by him on a concert in 2014.

It was indeed so breathtaking, don’t you agree?

Jung Dong-ha’s Discography with Boohwal

The discovery of Boohwal’s 9th vocalist also marked the gate of Boohwal’s 11th generation. Being the vocalist of the band, Jung Dong-ha released two albums on the 11th of Boohwal. The first album that released in 2005, not a long time after Jung Dong-ha got picked as the new vocalist, it was titled Seojeong or Lyrics. The other album was titled Sarang or Love.


On the 25th anniversary of Boohwal, Jung Dong-ha with the band also released another two albums of 12th Boohwal that are called 25th Anniversary: Retrospect Part I and 25th Anniversary: Retrospect Part II.

The next generation of Boohwal, which was 13th Boohwal, Jung Dong-ha with the band released an album titled Purple Wave. This album was also the 13th album of Boohwal.

You can check out the full list of the albums below!

  • Lyrics (서정)
    • Year: 2005
    • Name: 11th Boohwal
  • 25th Anniversary: Retrospect Part I
    • Year: 2009
    • Name: 12th Boohwal
  • 25th Anniversary: Retrospect Part II
    • Year: 2010
    • Name: 12th Boohwal
  • Purple Wave
    • Year: 2012
    • Name: 13th Boohwal

Digital Single

  • Because I Love You
    • Year: 2010
    • Name: 12th Boohwal
  • If It Were Now
    • Year: 2012
    • Name: 13th Boohwal
  • Castle Drawn in the Heart
    • Year: 2010
    • Name: 12th Boohwal
  • The Only Road
    • Year: 2012
    • Name: 13th Boohwal

Jung Dong-ha Leaving the Vocalist Position of Boohwal

In January 2014, it was reported that Jung Dong-ha, the youngest member of Boohwal, has ended his contract and does not want to renew it. By that, the 9th vocalist of the band has finally decided to leave Boohwal. On the last concert of Boohwal with their longest-running vocalist, Kim Tae-won said that he respected Jung Dong-ha and wished him the best in the future as if he gave a hint that the vocalist would like to go.

Before he decided to leave, Jung Dong-ha already gained people’s attention by having some solo activities like participating in Immortal Song, singing for a drama OST, and starring in a musical theatre. That’s why Jung Dong-ha decided to continue his career as a solo singer.

jung dongha

It must be so sad since Jung Dong-ha already has been with Boohwal for nine years. He started his career with the legendary band and must have been learning a lot with its members. Well, since Kim Tae-won as the frontman himself already supported and let Jung Dong-ha go, we as fans could just hope for the best for Jung Dong-ha in the future with his solo career. Good luck, Jung Dong-ha!

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