Complete Information About Jung Chae-yeon (Profile, Facts, Debut, Produce 101, and Instagram)


Chaeyeon’s Personal Instagram

A DIA’s fan, especially Chaeyeon’s, bias? Want to know more about her daily life activities or update her most recent photo? Don’t worry, Byeol Korea’s got your back! Here is Jung Chayeon’s personal official Instagram for you:

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Chaeyeon’s Awards and Achievements

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Jung Chayeon was not only about her visual, she also had many awards and achievements as well. Let’s see how many awards that shes received below!

Awards and Nominations

2017 : – 3rd Fashionista Awards: for Rising Star Awards [Nominated].
– 2nd Asian Artist Awards: for Beset Rookie Awards Television (Drama: Reunited                  World) [Won].
– Korean First Brand Awards: for Female Acting Idol [Won].
– 25th SBS Drama Awards: for Best New Actress  (Drama: Reunited                                    World) [Nominated].

2018: – 31st Grimae Awards: for Rookie Actor Awards (Drama- To: Jenny) [Won].
– KBS Entertainment Awards: for Hot Issue Entertainer (Drama- To: Jenny) [Won].

Chaeyeon’s Latest News and Updates

You must be curious what Chaeyeon’s up to right now, right? Don’t worry, Byeol Korea will give you the news.

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DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Shows Her Support to Fellow MBK Trainees, Lee Hagyul and Nam Dohyun!

Jung Chaeyeon showed her support to Lee Hagyul and Nam Dohyun, the two trainees who came from MBK Entertainment.

She took a picture of the two trainees and shared it on her official Instagram account on July 13. Chaeyeon also wrote a caption that said, “Vote for you guys! Nation’s producer, please vote for one person a day. MBK’s Lee Hagyul and Nam Dohyun ‘Produce X 101’. Good luck in the final”.

It was known that both of them are trainees from MBK Entertainment, the same home as Chaeyeon and the other member of DIA.

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