Complete Information About Jung Chae-yeon (Profile, Facts, Debut, Produce 101, and Instagram)

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Meet the Breathtakingly Beautiful Visual Member of DIA, Jung Chaeyeon!

Who doesn’t know this lady? She was really popular and known for her visual and her appearance in Produce 101 season 1. Her famous ending scene after her performance is also one of the reasons that she is well known in Korea now. She has debuted twice, first she was in DIA, and the second time she was part of IOI.

Not only is she an idol, Chaeyeon has also debuted as an actress and played in several dramas or Netflix shows. Would you like to know more about Jung Chayeon? Don’t worry we are here to help. Without any further ado, let’s get into the topic!

Chaeyeon’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

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Birth Name: Jung Chaeyeon (정채연)
Stage Name: Chaeyeon (채연)
Birthday: December 1, 1997
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group
Sub Unit: BCHCS
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @j_chaeyeoni

Chaeyeon’s Fun Facts

  • Born in Sun Cheon, South Jeolla Do, South Korea, but she grew up in Anyang city.
  • Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts.
  • Her nicknames are Crazy Dance Queen, Ending Fairy, and Cutie.
  • Chaeyeon’s hobby is wandering around by herself and playing with her dog.
  • She has an older brother named Jung Siyeon.
  • Chayeon and NCT’s Jaehyun used to be classmates (has been shown in several photos).
  • She and Gfriend’s Yuju are best friends.
  • She was a trainee only for 5 months.
  • She’s the 2nd visual of the group, alongside Jenny.
  • Chaeyeon and Huihyeon shared a room.
  • Chaeyeon admitted to doing plastic surgery on her nose.
  • She competed in Produce 101 season 1 and finished at the 7th rank, making her a part of IOI.
  • She ranked as the 2nd position for ‘Top 11 Visuals’ during Produce 101 on episode 5.

Appearing on Mnet’s Produce 101

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MBK Entertainment announced that Chaeyeon was withdrawing from DIA activities to join Mnet’s new survival show, ‘Produce 101’, in December, 2015. She already had auditioned  and signed a contract with the show even before DIA officially debuted. Not just Chaeyeon, Huiyeon also joined the show.

Here is her self introduction cut video, check it out below:

On first episode of Produce 101 season.1, Chaeyeon and the other two MBK trainee did a hidden box challenge individually, check out the moments below:

Before coming to the show, each trainee from different companies or individual trainees first have to show their talent in front of the judges and the 101 trainees. Whether it was dancing, singing, rapping or even acting, it was known as ‘Company Evaluation’.

Chaeyeon, Huihyeon, and Dani performed as a trio group. They covered one of Miss A’s popular songs, ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’. Here is their performance:

From Chaeyeon’s first appearance, she already drew people attention for her beauty. But, sadly, on the first episode she didn’t got an A grade right away, instead she got C class at the first, along with Huihyeon. Dani got B class.

They went right away to learn the opening theme song, ‘Pick Me’, each trainee from the different classes had to record themselves while dancing and singing to ‘Pick Me’. If they had an improvement, their class would be upgraded.

And here is Chaeyeon’s individual evaluation video of ‘Pick Me’:

After doing the ‘Pick Me’ evaluation, Produce 101 started the competition by doing a group evaluation, where all trainees were be divided into different groups and had to choose a song to cover. Chaeyeon was in group 2, where they were covering SNSD’s ‘Into the New World’.

From there, Chaeyeon’s popularity increased because of her legendary ending scene. As a result, a new trend was created by her, which was called ‘Ending Fairy’. From this battle, Chaeyeon’s team won against group 1.

Here’s the performance:

On the 7th episode, there was another battle, called ‘Position Evaluation’. Chaeyeon, along with Pinky (Kyulkyung) and Sohye, performed Sunmi’s song, ‘Full Moon’, whihch was released back in 2014. The three of them performed the song perfectly, and again Chaeyeon’s beauty struck the audience.

Watch the performance below:

During episode 10, the last battle was the ‘Concept Evaluation’. This time, she and her groupmate performed an original Produce 101 song called ‘Yum Yum’, which gained a lot of attention from the public.

Here is the performance of Chaeyeon:

In the final episode, Chaeyeon’s name was called by the MC which means that she was selected as one of the members of IOI. She get the 7th position at the last ranking, with a total of 215,338 votes.

Watch this heartwarming video when Chaeyeon and the other girls were being selected below:

Here are Chaeyeon’s final rankings from the first episode until the final episode of Produce 101 season 1:

jung chaeyeon produce 101

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