All About Sam Hammington’s Wife, Jeong Yoo-mi (Profile, Facts, Marriage, and Controversy)


Jeong Yoo-mi’s Controversy

In April 2018, Jeong Yu-mi shared a video of her son, William playing with the dog along with caption reads, “Introducing living toys, the best friends Mandoo and Gaji. Please don’t misunderstand he is only potty training them.” However, the video turned out to be a controversy where William was seen hitting the family dog Mandoo with a toy sword. As people expressed concerns and criticized her action leaving her son abuse the dog, the video was soon removed.

On the next day, Jeong Yu-mi uploaded a letter on her son William Hammington’s Instagram account to apologize for the controversy.

The caption can be read, “I’m sorry that I have disappointed all of you with my indiscretion, Mandoo and Gaji, who have been with us for 13 years, are precious family members to us. I will be more careful about my actions so that I won’t harm other people as well as my family.”

Latest News About Jeong Yoo-mi

Sam Hammington and his children’s activities and their daily life can be seen by many people through the variety show The Return of Superman and also their Instagram accounts. But his wife is not a celebrity, and her private life is very closed.

Jeong Yu-mi has a personal Instagram account, but since last year there hasn’t been a recent upload. People can only see and hear her sounds through their children’s Instagram accounts. As it is seen in one of the photos on William’s Instagram account when the family celebrates William’s birthday.

Through her children’s Instagram account, Yu-mi is seen living her life happily with her children and husband.

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