All Information About Jang Moon-bok (Profile, Facts, Produce 101, V BTS, and Long Hair)


Everything You Need to Know About Produce 101 Contestant and BTS V’s Friend Jang Moon-Bok!

Jang Moon-Bok (장문복), also commonly known as JMVOK, is a South Korean rapper under Star Entertainment (formerly known as ONO Entertainment). He was born on April 11, 1995, in Daegu, South Korea. He debuted on July 1, 2016 with the single “Hip Hop President.” He appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 but was eliminated on episode 10.

Jang Moon-Bok’s Profile
Stage Name JMVOK
Birth Name Jang Moon-Bok (장문복)
Born April 11, 1995, Daegu, South Korea
  • Korean Age: 25 Years Old
  • International: 24 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Aries
Height 168cm (5’5″)
Weight 49kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Social Media Instagram: check_h.p
Agent Star Entertainment (formerly known as ONO Entertainment)

Jang Moon-Bok’s Facts
  • Jang Moon-Bok was born in Daegu, South Korea
  • He is known for his Superstar K2 audition tape
  • He ranked 27th on Produce 101
  • He was featured in N.Flying’s “The Real”
  • His nickname on the show was Ending Fairy because of a shot of him at the end of the Me, It’s Me performance where he looked like Jung Chae-Yeon (Season 1’s “Ending Fairy”)
  • While on Produce 101 he was close with Seong Hyun-Woo and Yoon Hee-Seok. Both of them left their original companies and joined ONO, and they both feature on Jang Moon-bok’s first mini album Peeps.
  • He is friends with V from BTS

Jang Moon-Bok’s Discography

Jang Moon-Bok’s First Mini Album ‘Peeps’


Jang Moon-Bok’s first mini album is titled ‘Peeps’. This mini album was released on March 06, 2018 and contains 7 songs in it, namely:
Wailing (곡성) 2018 (With Sapo (사포) & Seong Hyun-Woo(성현우))
Red (With Yun Hee-Suk & So Ji-Hyuk) 
Real Fact (리얼 팩트) (With Seong Hyun-Woo(성현우) & Yun Hee-Suk(윤희석))
Skit (With Peeps) (CD Only)
Be With You (같이 걸을 래) (With Hwang Ah-Young(황 아영))
Don’t Be Afraid (겁 먹지마) (With Seong Hyun-Woo)
Hip President (힙 통령)

Let’s Walk Together (Single)


This single contains 2 songs in it, Be With You (같이 걸을 래) And Be With You (같이 걸을 래) instrument version. This single was released on July 20, 2017.

Hip Hop President (Single)


This single contains 2 songs in it, Hip Hop President (힙 통령) And Gogseong (곡성) (feat. Sapo, Be-All). This single was released on July 01, 2016.

Check (Single)


in this single, Jang Moon-Bok only released one song titled Check (췍) (feat. Lee Se-Young). This single was released on March 17, 2017.

Jang Moon-Bok’s Filmography


Year Title # Role Rating
2018 Devil Inspector 2 18
Oh Chan Yeong
Support Role
2017 Borg Mom 22
[Man in the Washroom]
Guest Role

TV Show

Year Title # Role Rating
2018 A Battle of One Voice: 300 5
[300 Leader](Ep.1, 5)
2018 I Can See Your Voice: Season 5 13
[Tone-deaf Detective](Ep.11-12)
2017 Produce 101: Season 2 11
Regular Member
2016 Video Star: Season 1 90
2013 The Return of Superman 300

Jang Moon-Bok Revealed a Lot Of Crying During The ‘Superstar K2’ Audition

Jang Moon-Bok opened up about his ‘Superstar K2‘ audition that gave him the nickname ‘Hip Hop President’.

On the first episode of ‘Produce 101‘ season 2, Jang Moon Bok talked about his past audition and said, “At the time, I was rejective. I thought my rap was cool. I ignored the negative reactions. But my mother heard not just the criticism on my rap but other malicious remarks. I felt sorry for creating such situations for my mom. I regretted auditioning for ‘Superstar K2’.”

He continued, “I cried a lot alone. I also wondered if I should continue the music and rap that I love. I worried whether I should just live like others or try the things I love. (Ultimately) I felt like I need to try it until the end since I started it. Even if I become a topic of laughter, I don’t have anything to lose now. That’s why I applied for it. I want to show my improvements.”

Jang Moon-Bok is currently participating in ‘Produce 101’ season 2 as a trainee of ONO Entertainment.

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