All Information About Iz*One’s Choi Ye-na (Profile, Facts, Debut, Cancer, and Instagram)


Yena Talks About Her Cancer

Choi Yena cancer

Choi Yena has talked about her difficult childhood. She shared the information that she was a cancer survivor on IZ*One’s debut reality series IZ*One Chu. On its final episode, Choi Yena was visiting her family to spend time together and gave them a present. The gift was a lunch box contain gimbap she made herself and snacks made by other IZ*One members. For her and her family, gimbap has a special meaning.

Choi Yena is a lymphatic cancer survivor. She was ill to the point where her medical team told her parents to give up. Choi Yena parents decided to sell gimbap rolls on the streets every morning to overcome the financial difficulties the cancer put them in.

Lymphatic cancer, or lymphoma, is a cancer which begins in the infection-fighting cells of the immune system. There are 3 or 4 stages of this cancer and it often spreads to the liver, bone marrow, or lungs.  However, it still treatable and  even curable, depending on whether its the HL(Hodgkin Lymphoma) or NHL(Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) subtype.

Yena’s Pre-debut Photos

Choi Yena predebut

Before debuting with IZ*One, Choi Yena was already full of hidden talent and charm. Here are some of Choi Yena’s pre-debut photos and videos to prove it.

Yena’s Best Style

Choi Yena best style

Among all outfits Choi Yena had wore on stage, one of the most popular outfits was the red dress that showed one of her shoulders. Here are some of the popular styles worn by Choi Yena which surfaced online.

Yena’s Instagram Posts

Choi Yena outfit

All of IZ*One’s members are active on the IZ*One official Instagram account, sharing their activity with fans. Although she is not the most active member on Instagram, Choi Yena still gives her fans some updates about her activity. Here are some of Choi Yena’s posts on Instagram.

Yena’s Latest News

Choi Yena Heart*Iz

Choi Yena is preparing a comeback with IZ*One as a whole group in April, 2019, with a new album, Hear*IZ. Hear*IZ will be IZ*One’s second mini album and release on April 1, 2019.

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