All Information About Iz*One’s Choi Ye-na (Profile, Facts, Debut, Cancer, and Instagram)


Yena’s Appearance on Produce 48

Choi Yena Produce 48

Choi Yena was a trainee from Yuehua Entertainment who had already been training for two years and a few months when she appeared on the show and introduced herself as ‘Happy Virus’. Along with other two trainee from Yuehua Entertainment, Kim Sihyun and Wang Yiren, she joined Produce 48 and placed 7th in the first episode. Choi Yena maintained a position in top 20 in every one of the show’s episodes.

During the hidden box mission, Choi Yena and AKB48’s Nakanishi Chiyori showed great chemistry as they were trying to guess what the mudfish in the box was, even if their guesses were completely wrong.

Choi Yena has had a lot of appeal since her appearance on the show. Her character was cheerful, cute, innocent, and playful right from the start, and could be seen in every episode.

Choi Yena’s Performance on “Produce 48”

Yena’s Debut with IZ*ONE

Choi Yena with IZ*One

The show’s final episode was the most nerve-wracking among the show. Even so, Choi Yena finished in the 4th position on the final episode and was given the opportunity to debut with IZ*ONE.

Together as a group, the members of IZ*One greeted their fans for first time through V Live in September, 2018, and the group immediately started preparing for their group debut under Stone Music Entertainment in Korea and EMI Records in Japan.

IZ*ONE debuted on October 29, 2018, with La Vie En Rose and their popularity has been rocketing as they become one of ‘Rookie Monsters’ of the year. The music video for La Vie En Rose had four million viewers on YouTube in one day. IZ*ONE also debuted in Japan with Suki to Iwasetai in February, 2019.

Along with IZ*ONE, Choi Yena received a group award in 2018 in many award ceremony events as the year drew to a close.

Choi Yena kept her fresh and innocent charm as a member of IZ*One. Her playful side is always seen on-camera, although she’s sometimes a little clumsy at the same time.

IZ*One Debut Performance

Yena and Her Brother, Choi Sung-min

Choi Yena and Choi Sungmin sibling

Choi Yena has an older brother who is four years her senior, Choi Sung-min. Choi Sung-min debuted with a mixed group, Coed School, in 2010, and later become a member of the all male group SPEED in 2012. However, Choi Sung-min’s journey has been difficult, which left their parents opposed Choi Yena’s choice to pursue career as idol at first. Choi Yena and Choi Sung-min’s sibling relationship is very close and they rely on each other’s support. When Choi Sung-min had an event with SPEED before the group’s disbandment in 2015, Choi Yena accompanied her brother, disguising herself among the fans.

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