All Information About Iz*One’s Choi Ye-na (Profile, Facts, Debut, Cancer, and Instagram)

Choi Yena punch queen

Get Closer With IZ*ONE Strongest Member, Choi Ye-na

Choi Ye-na is a member of the South Korean girl-group IZ*One, who trained under Yuehua Entertainment. She has been an active part of IZ*One since 2018, and has shown a lot of charm ever since her first appearance on Mnet’s Produce 48. Behind her bright and cheerful smile, Choi Yena hides a tearful story. Let’s get to know more about IZ*One’s Choi Yena.

Full Profile of Yena

Choi Yena Profile and Facts
  • Real Name = Choi Yena
  • Stage Name = Yena
  • Nickname = Happy Virus
  • Birthday = September 29, 1999
  • Origin = Gil-dong, Gangdong, South Korea | Gwangju
  • Nationality = Korean
  • Zodiac = Libra
  • Height = 163 cm
  • Weight = 45 kg
  • Blood Type = A
  • Education = Hanlim Multi Art School | Joy Dance Academy, Hip-hop dance
  • Agency = Polaris Entertainment | Yuehua Entertainment
  • Position in IZ*ONE = Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer

Interesting Facts About Yena

  1. She was a former trainee of Polaris Entertainment.
  2. She has an older brother who’s also an idol, SPEED’s Sungmin.
  3. Her talent is playing claw machines.
  4. She has a dog pet, named Audrey.

  5. Her best feature is her lips.
  6. Her favourite ice cream flavors are strawberry and chocolate.
  7. She well known for looking a like a duck.
  8. Her favourite Korean artist is the former SISTAR member, Bora.
  9. She goes to the same school as IZ*One’s Hyewon.
  10. She was one of the MCs for “요리조리 맛있는 수업 (Cooking Class)”.

    Choi Yena on Cooking Class
  11. Her parents opposed her decision to become an idol because her older brother didn’t do well with the boy-group, SPEED.
  12. She is a childhood cancer survivor who had lymphoma before.
  13. For her and her family, gimbap (Korean sushi) has a lot of meaning to them.
  14. Among all the trainees in Mnet’s Produce 48, she was the strongest and beat Lee Chae-yeon from WM Entertainment as ‘Punch Queen’.
  15. She appeared on KBS’s Hello Counselor with IZ*One’s Won-young.

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