Complete Information About INFINITE’s Sungjong (Profile, Facts, Debut, Brother, and Military Enlistment)


Meet Sungjong’s Brother, Lee Seonkyu

lee sungjong infinite member

In his family, Sungjon has one brother that is three years younger than him. His name is Lee Seonkyu. Sadly, there isn’t much information about his occupation or his photos either. But don’t worry! We have one photo where Sungjong took a picture with his younger brother Seonkyu, check it out below.

lee sungjon infinite member brother

So what do you guys think, do the two of them look similar with each other?

Sungjong and His Military Enlistment

sungjong infinite member

On July 29th, 2019, the maknae of Infinite, Sungjong, posted a handwritten letter on his personal Instagram account, revealing that he has quietly enlisted in the military to fulfill his mandatory service.

Here is his handwritten letter for the fans:

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안녕하세요 인스피릿 인피니트 막내 성종입니다 편지를 쓴 게 정말 오랜만이죠 쓰기 전에 정말 많은 고민을 했는데요 그래도 제가 먼저 팬분들에게 알리는 게 좋다고 생각해 편지를 쓰게 됐습니다 이 편지를 읽을 때 즈음에는 제가 군대에 가 있을 텐데요 미리 이야기 못한 점 미안하고 또 미안해요.. 팬분들 얼굴 보고 갔으면 좋았을 텐데.. 가기 전에 여러 가지 활동들을 통해서 얼굴 비추고 가요 씩씩하고 건강하게 군 생활 잘 하다가 돌아올게요 울 인스피릿도 조그만 기다려 주실 거죠? 금방 멋진 청년 성종이로 돌아올게요 사랑해요 인스피릿 보고 싶어요 인스피릿 성종이 잊지 말아요 인스피릿

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The translation from the letter is:


This is Infinite’s youngest member, Sungjong. It’s been a long time since I last wrote you a letter, hasn’t it? I worried a lot before writing it, but I decided to write this letter because I thought that it would be best for me to be the one to tell my fans first.

By the time you read this letter, I will have already enlisted in the military. I’m sorry, and I apologize again for the fact that I wasn’t able to tell you in advance… It would have been nice to see my fans’ faces before leaving…

Before I left, I showed my face through various activities and I’ll stay healthy and strong during my time in the military before returning. My INSPIRIT, you’ll wait a little while for me, right? I’ll soon return as a Sungjong who has become a cool young man.

I love you, INSPIRIT.

I miss you, INSPIRIT.

Don’t forget Sungjong, INSPIRIT.

Well, we will support Sungjong no matter what. We also wish him all the best during his military service and absolutely will wait for him patiently. Cheer up INSPIRIT!

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