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Sungjong as an Actor in the Drama Mysterious Nurse

sungjong infinite member drama

On December 5th, 2018, Sungjong’s agency Woolim Entertainment and also actress Jang Hui Ryoung’s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed that both of their artists participated in SBS’ upcoming short drama titled Mysterious Nurse. This drama is about a woman who can see the death in people due to an accident and a psychiatrist who finds real happiness after a downfall in his daily life.

Sungjong of Infinite has been cast as Woo Hyun Woo, a psychiatrist originally working at a large general hospital but who ends up operating a private clinic. He is obsessed with success in his career. While Jang Hui Ryoung will be played as Bae Soo Ah, who is a nurse that appears as a bright person but loses her family and injures her eye due to a car accident. After a corneal transplant, she starts to have the ability to see the death of people.

sungjong infinite member drama
sungjong infinite member drama

Sungjong actually already acted in a children’s program titled The Unlimited Show, but this time it was his first official drama role. Not only he is acting in the drama, but Sungjong is also singing his first-ever OST for a drama as well.

THE OST Part.1 of Mysterious Nurse that Sungjong sung is titled “Beside Me.” The song is selected through an OST composition contest and depicts lyrics of uncertain feelings of attraction. This song includes Sungjong’s rapping as well!

Here is the Official Music Video of the OST “Beside Me.”

The drama Mysterious Nurse was aired for the first time on December 21st, 2018, at 12.40 PM KST. Don’t forget to watch the drama, especially Inspirit and Sungjong bias!

Netizens’ Reactions Towards Sungjong’s Acting

lee sungjon drama

There are variations in the netizens’ reactions to Sungjong’s acting in Mysterious Nurse, some of them are amazed by his acting skills but some of them didn’t like it at all and even criticized him quite a lot.

A thread from ‘theqoo’ talks about Sungjong’s acting as so bad that it has left netizens literally lost for words. Some have even declared the idol as an idol with the worst acting skills ever. Here are the comments from the netizens:

  • “I want to curse so badly seeing Sungjong acting.”
  • “You guys have to watch the drama to understand. This was the worst acting that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”
  • “What did he do all this time? I don’t believe it when he says that he is studying in acting.”
  • “His acting made me lose my words.”

So, do you guys also agree with the netizens?

Sungjong Look-alike with Song Hye-kyo?

sungjong infinite and song hyekyo

An online portal community in Korea posted several photos to compare the two celebrities which are titled “Infinite’s Sungjong Resembles Song Hye Kyo?”

Their pictures were photoshopped side by side for a better comparison. One of Sungjong’s picture is taken in bed covers and a part of his face highlighting the eyes, which resembles the leading actress of Descendants of The Sun.

Now let’s take a look at the pictures below. So what do you think? Do the two of them really look alike?

sungjong infinite and song hyekyo

Many netizens left a comment agreeing with their resemblance. Some of the comments say, “The eye area looks similar.” “I’d believe it if they’re related.” “This is a definition of a beautiful couple.” “I’m sure he would be happy to have an older sister like Song Hye Kyo.”

Infinite’s Sungjong Transforming Into Song Hyekyo for SNL Korea!

On October 22nd, 2016, the production staff of SNL Korea posted a picture on their official Facebook account of Sungjong dressed up as Song Hye Kyo from a drama titled Autumn in My Heart.

Sungjong was already known to resemble the popular actress and the parody was very detailed, copying Hye Kyo’s scarf, sweater, hairstyle, and even the makeup as well. He appeared in the skit “Dubbing Theater” and made a parody of a scene from Hye Kyo’s drama Autumn in My Heart.

sungjong infinite and song hyekyo

Sungjong’s Radio Show, Midnight Black

lee sungjong infinite member

Sungjong of Infinite was a radio DJ of EBS’ Midnight Black. He stated, “It was my first time hosting a radio show as a DJ. I’ve been dreaming of becoming a DJ since debut days, but now my dreams have come true. I want to do my best from now on and talk about music also daily life with the listeners. Please gives us a lot of love and support.”

INFINITE Sungjong’s Midnight Black is a late-night radio program that is designed for teenagers and young adults who feel lonely, but don’t want to be alone during the dark nights.

PD Kang Dong Geol revealed the plans for the radio show by saying, “One’s teenage years and 20s are times of great emotional ups and downs. I’d like to describe those feelings in the term Black Emotions, which is a special and sensitive sensibility to feel in the silence and loneliness that comes during the night. Sungjong, who is the same generation as those who hold the Black Emotions was chosen as the DJ because he is someone who can communicate with them well.”

lee sungjong infinite member

INFINITE Sungjong’s Midnight Black made its first broadcast on Monday, August 27th, 2018, at 12.00 a.m KST. Sungjong will communicate with the listener about a wide range of topics including music, travel, psychology, love, culture, and many more.

The radio show will broadcast for 1 hour starting at the midnight every Monday to Saturday, and can be heard nationwide via EBS (104.5 MHz in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province).

Sungjong Says Goodbye to his Position as a DJ

lee sungjong infinite member

Infinite’s Sungjong thanks to all the listener of Midnight Black.

He had the last day as the DJ at EBS 104.5 MHz – INFINITE Sungjong’s Midnight Black. He said, “During the 10 months as a DJ I learned a lot of things. I’m a little sad and there’s a lot of emotions. Thank you to everyone who loved Midnight Black, and thanks to the Inspirit listeners. Midnight Black is over now, but it’s not the end. I will be back as a new host and will always stay in your hearts.”

Well, we hope soon Sungjong will comeback as a radio DJ in the future!

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