Complete Information About INFINITE’s Sungjong (Profile, Facts, Debut, Brother, and Military Enlistment)

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Get Closer With Maknae of Infinite, Sungjong!

The vocalist of Infinite, Sungjong, is the most popular member who is known for his kkap dance and diva-like attitude. Since his debut with Infinite in 2010, he already showed the diva-side and he is even keeping it up until now. Sungjong also had many friends both from senior and junior groups since he is also friendly and a carefree type of person.

Not only known for his diva attitude, but Sungjong also has a unique visual appearance and voice. In every Infinite song, whenever he sings, you guys can instantly guess that is Sungjong. Same for his visual appearance as well, you guys can easily identify Sungjong right away. Byeol Korea will dig more information about Sungjong, are you guys curious about it? Well then, without any further ado let’s get into the topic!

Full Profile of Sungjong

sungjong infinite member

Birth Name: Lee Sungjong (이성종)
Stage Name: Sungjong (성종)
Date of Birth: September 3rd, 1993
Position: Vocal, Maknae
Nicknames: Maknae, Maknae-nim, Diva, Beautiful Man, Jjong
Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Subunit: Infinite F
Instagram: @ssongjjong.ifnt
Twitter: @infiniteyounges

Fun Facts About Sungjong

  • He was born in Seoul, but moved to Andong when he was 9, then went to Gwangju and Jeonju, then came back again to Seoul.
  • He has a brother who is three years younger, his name is Seonkyu.
  • Sungjong’s Ideal Type: Someone who is chubby and cute.
  • His role model is Michel Jackson.
  • Sungjong loves Michel Jackson’s songs “Beat It” and “Ben” the most.
  • Favorite food is everything that his mom cooks.
  • The food that he dislikes is beans.
  • His favorite color is Yellow.
  • Sungjong is very photogenic.
  • Sungjong says he is ambidextrous in Vlive.
  • Among all the Infinite members, he is the best when it comes to girl group dances.
  • Sugnjong listed his eyes as the part of his body he’s most confident with.
  • He was part of the cast of Law of the Jungle in Tonga in 2016.
  • Was chosen as the MC of Stargram Season 2.
  • Sungjong was a cast member of Channel A’s variety show titled Sales King TV and chosen as a DJ of EBS’ Midnight Black.
  • On July 29th, 2019, Sungjong posted on his Instagram account that he enlisted in the military service.

Sungjong in Infinite F

sungjong infinite f member

Woolim Entertainment announced Infinite will have a subunit known as Infinite F, which the word F means Face. The members are Sungyeol and Sungjong, their first song to perform is “Heartthrob.”

On November 19th, Infinite F debuted in Japan with the title track “Koi no Sign.” The song debuted on the Oricon Weekly Charts at #6 position, selling around 31.287 album copies. The Japanese song then released a Korean version of it titled “Love Sign.”

Here is the music video:

On November 14th, 2014, it was announced that Infinite F made their Korean debut with the album Azure and its title track “Heartthrob” that was released on December 2nd. Their first stage performance was on Music Bank. And on December 12th, they were nominated for the first time in a music show.

Here is the music video of “Heartthrob.”

And Infinite F’s amazing live performance:

Sungjong as a Solo Artist

sungjong infinite member

The maknae of Infinite, Sungjong released his first-ever solo song titled “Love Song/ Confession” from the album Top Speed in 2018. Apparently, this was his self composed song as well.

So here is the video with lyrics of “Love Song” for you guys.

And the live performance:

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