All Information About Hello Venus Members: Profile, Facts, and Plastic Surgery Rumor (Updated)


Hello Venus Plastic Surgery


Hello Venus’s Nara Makes Shocking Confession!


Hello Venus member, Nara, and Nine Muses member, Kyungri, were guest stars on the reality show, Taxi. The two beautiful artists made a surprising confession at the event.

The program discusses plastic surgery, and Lee Soo-Min, who was also present at the event, first made a confession about plastic surgery. She revealed that she had plastic surgery, especially in the eyes and nose.

Kyungri and Nara didn’t want to lose. They also made a confession about beauty treatments they performed in maintaining their appearance. Admittedly the two idols never had plastic surgery procedures, but they admitted to having botox regularly.

Kyungri and Nara’s confessions certainly surprised their fans. Understandably, not many artists dare to admit the beauty procedures they do to appear attractive in public.

As reported by Koreaboo, netizens praised Kyungri and Nara’s courage, because of their honesty. Some netizens also did not expect Kyungri and Nara to dare to do botox regularly.

Hello Venus` Nara Reveals Her Own Weight Loss Secret!

It turns out Hello Venus’ Nara’s good body is a result of her hard effort and not her natural figure.  
During a broadcast of Happy Together 3 , Hello Venus’s Nara revealed how she lost her weight. When she debuted, she gained about 10 kg. Sshe searched the internet for different diet methods and she found model Miranda Kerr’s tips for dieting. Miranda Kerr’s tips were to avoid white colored foods such as rice, flour, sugar, salt and etc. Hearing this, MC Park Myung-soo asked “You didn’t drink milk as well?” Nara said “Yes, because it’s a white colored food.”  MC Yoo Jaesuk and Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul jokingly asked again “How about chocolate milk or strawberry milk?”. To this, the idol burst into laughter.

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