Complete Information About Han So-hee (Profile, Facts, Boyfriend, Scandal, and Instagram Feeds)

Han Seo-hee

Get Closer With T.O.P Ex-Girlfriend, Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee is a girl who used to be a trainee at various large agencies, for example, JYP, Jellyfish, and Source, and at that time was rumored to become a member of GFriend or Gugudan. Han Seo-hee is also known for the controversy that almost always involves idols.

Full Profile and Facts of Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee
  • Han Soo-hee is a former trainee, born in 1995.
  • She was a trainee of JYP Entertainment, Jellyfish, and Source.
  • Han Seo-hee’s name is currently still not well-known in the entertainment world.
  • Han Seo-hee was a contestant in Birth of A Great Star 3, but she didn’t make it as a finalist.
  • Han Seo-hee suffers from a mental disorder, namely depression, due to never having been able to debut.
  • She is a drug user.
  • In 2011, Han Seo-hee auditioned at JYP Entertainment and ranked No. 1.
  • Han Seo-hee was contracted by Source Music and became a trainee to debut with GFriend.

Han Soo-hee’s Scandal and Controversies

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee is indeed a girl surrounded by controversy and involved in many scandals. Here are the scandals involving her, check them out!

Han Soo-hee Dating Big Bang’s TOP and Marijuana Scandal

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee once tripped over a case of marijuana and narcotics use. In the case, she was accused of smoking a cigarette that in fact contained marijuana in it. In this case, she was involved with Big Bang’s T.O.P.

In 2017, T.O.P was involved in a case related to narcotics use, and the name of former trainee Han Seo-hee was exposed as the one offering an electric cigarette that contained marijuana, to the idol. Han Seo-hee was proven to be using marijuana, but she denied the claim that she was the one who gave marijuana to T.O.P.

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee and T.O.P were known to have been dating each other, which is why it was no surprise for them to know each other. According to her confession, from the beginning, T.O.P was the one who approached her first, and she claimed that he had an unusual attitude. Han Seo-hee was very annoyed with her ex-boyfriend because in this marijuana case she was the only one who was imprisoned.

Han Seo-hee

Because of her frustration, on her live Instagram, she once leaked that her ex ‘lover’s’ personal belongings were only as big as her lipstick and her remarks became a controversy that provoked a lot of comments from the netizens.

Han Soo-hee and SHINee’s Jong-hyun

Han Seo-hee

In December 2017, reportedly SHINee member Jong-hyun committed suicide. Then, after his funeral, Han Seo-hee surprised netizens by writing a letter to the deceased about how sad she was about his death. Han Seo-hee wrote a letter to the late Jong-hyun on her Instagram account and in the letter, she said she would soon follow her senior.

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee was indeed close with the deceased, so she posted a photo of her relationship with Jong-hyun. She even revealed that she would catch up to Jong-hyun and meet him. This made the netizens anxious because, as we know, she suffers from depression.

And this is the letter she wrote!

Han seo-hee

“I met you when I was 19 years old, and it’s already been five years since then. When I avoided you after practice and asked you something later, it was because it was very difficult but you always waited and I could meet with you to drink, relax, and rest. I can open myself to you. I don’t know why, but I’m relying heavily on you. I like you and I have always said that you are a good person.

You are an extraordinary person and someone who gives me a lot to learn from. I want to be able to turn time. If I could turn back the time, I would try to stop you. But I know that is impossible. That’s why now I feel almost crazy because of regret and sadness. Oppa, I miss you. I will meet you soon, quietly. I’ll be there greeting you without making an issue and be more polite. I’ll be there to greet you. Oppa, it must be cold there. Wait for me, oppa,” she wrote.

Han Soo-hee and Yoo Ah-in

Han Seo-hee

After she received a sentence for being caught using marijuana, Han Seo-hee started being active on social media and started voicing her opinions to the community. She is known to be part of a feminist group and is proud to support the rights of women. But this makes it even more controversial. Han Seo-hee made somewhat of a mess with the actor who is also a feminist, Yoo Ah-in.

It all started when Seo-hee uploaded a quote by Ah-in, claiming to be a feminist. Ah-in turned out to discriminate against women through old quotes that contained, “Actors are actors. While they refer to female actors, as female actors. This is a sign in life, women haven’t been equal in society.”

This commotion led to Seo-hee’s satire about Ah-in’s genitals in one of her posts. “Your genitals are too small. I can’t hear you,” Han Seo-hee wrote and uploaded a photo of her winking.

Han Seo-hee
Han Seo-hee

Seeing Seo-hee’s behavior, netters again left slanted comments. And this wasn’t the first time she had done it. Before, she had bad-mouthed T.O.P in a live on her personal Instagram.

One of the netters’ comments read, “Crazy girl, has she lost her mind? Just send her to a mental hospital. I like her under certain conditions, at this time.” Another netter wrote, “The words entered verbal abuse.” “She could be sued for sexual harassment,” added another.

Han Soo-hee and BTS’ V

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee is often in the public spotlight. At this time, she made a scene in her personal Instagram. In her live Instagram, she said that they (she and BTS’ V) had gone to the club in the past, she continued with her Instagram statement.

Han Seo-hee

She said that she met with BTS’ V at the club, revealing the fact that Seo-hee met at the club because ‘the figure called’ V was invited by a friend named, Kim Ki-bum, who is a male model. Even though Kim Ki-bum was friends with V he has never taken him to the club. He knows Han Seo-hee, but Kim Ki-bum has never communicated with her after she became famous through the internet.

Because of that statement, Han Seo-hee apologized and what’s more, ARMY knows V well and they think that V would definitely choose a burger restaurant rather than a club.

Han Soo-hee and Kang Hyuk-min

Han Seo-hee

T.O.P’s ex-girlfriend was sued by the model named Kang Hyuk-min on charges of slander and defamation. Han Seo-hee’s feud with Kang Hyuk-min began last year when Han Seo-hee called Kang Hyuk-min “a potential rapist.” Han Seo-hee’s accusation of Kang Hyuk-min was carried out by writing articles taken from Kang Hyuk-min’s social media account that read “I want to rape a woman.”

However, Kang Hyuk-min claimed that he never posted it. Unfortunately, Han Seo-hee’s post succeeded in triggering netizens and feminists to attack Kang Hyuk-min. Because he felt slandered, Kang Hyuk-min prepared to file a lawsuit against Han Seo-hee and 10,000 netizens who had slandered him.

Then Han Seo-hee deleted her post and she said that she had apologized for the accusation to Kang Hyuk-min. But Kang Hyuk-min claims that Han Seo-hee hasn’t apologized and that she probably has hallucinations.

Han Soo-hee and Astro’s Eun Woo

Han Seo-hee

The former trainee, who has tripped over a marijuana abuse case, recently posted her latest photo on her Instagram account. In her post, Han Seo-hee uploaded one of the photos of Cha Eun-woo’s photo shoot and wrote, “Eun Woo-ya, the future of South Korea is bright because of you.”

After being suspected of having an interest in Cha Eun-woo, many netizens and fans then flocked to criticize Han Seo-hee for keeping her distance from the ASTRO personnel. Lots of people don’t like Han Seo-hee, moreover, she often reaps controversy and drags on idols and even models in Korea.

And this is how netizens reacted to her alleged interest in Cha Eun-woo!

Han Seo-hee

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