Complete Information of Actress Han Chae-ah (Profile, Facts, Married Life, Dating, and Instagram)


Han Chae-ah’s Instagram

Han Chae-ah takes care of a small puppy named Sunsim in her house. Sunsim appeared several times during the recording of MBC’s I Live Alone. The puppy always comforted and played with her after a long day at work. On March 4, 2018 Han Chae-ah showed videos of her and Sunsim playing fetch with Sunsim. Sunsim was easily fooled every time they play fetch.

Han chae-ah supported her father in law’s soccer school by posting a clip of soccer legend Cha Bom-geun recalled his early days as a little boy running around in soccer field. The legend, along with his student and employee, was cheering to Korean soccer team. He also thanked his lovely daughter in law, Han Chae-ah, for her support.

On June 22, 2017, she posted a short clips of her appearance as guest host on SBS’ Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef King. She appeared on episode 90 – 93.

Latest News About Han Chae-ah

On September 24, 2019, Han Chae-ah uploaded pictures of her and her baby and captioned “Good Weather” to her Instagram account. She took her baby girl outside on a stroller and enjoyed the bright sunshine of late summer. She wore long shirt and a hat to cover her from the scorching heat of summer.

Earlier this week, on September 23, 2019, she published a picture of her promoting famous cosmetic skin care brand. She looked stunning and stylish in a floral patterned dress for young mother who gave birth to a baby girl on October, last year.

Looking at her pictures with newborn babies, Han Chae-ah enjoys motherhood at the fullest. Let’s wish her baby to grow healthy and pretty and her return to drama scene in the near future.

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