All You Need to Know About Actor Ha Seok-jin (Profile, Facts, Dating, Love Life, and Ideal Type)


Ha Seok-jin’s Has High IQ, He is Very Smart!

ha seok-jin

He does not only have a handsome face but he also has a smart brain. The actor who played in Drinking Solo has an IQ of 152! Wow! He was able to finish his studies in engineering and still work as an actor for years. Great huh!?

Ha Seok-Jin & Yoon So-Hee’s Cute love story

ha seok-jin and yoon so-hee

As we know, there is gossip about him and Yoon So-hee. But is it true? Who knows, right? But facts say it’s true. They have been caught on a date. His on-off girlfriend always supports him no matter what, and they first met on the set of the drama D-Day as co-stars. But the representative from his agency said it is a misunderstanding and Ha Seok-jin is in a sticky situation because of the shocking implications, but he is currently giving his all for filming the drama. And Yoon So-hee denied the dating rumor. But on the premiere of After The Play Ends they showed up as a couple.

Ha Seok-Jin’s Love Life And Ideal Type

ha seok jin

Well, what do you think, girls? But he said that his ideal type is not about the physical qualities, and he likes someone with whom he can converse well. And he doesn’t like a girl who always stares at her phone on the first date, he hates it, he wants a good person he can relate to, and someone who will be satisfied by just looking at each other in the eyes and conversing. Oohh so cute…

Ha Seok-jin’s Famous Kissing Scene

All people talk about is his romantic kissing scene, so here is the explanation.

Instagram of Ha Seok-jin

Even though he has not told us what he is doing right now, but we can still enjoy all the dramas, and wait for his next drama or movie; for that, we can stalk his beautiful Instagram.

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