All You Need to Know About Actor Ha Seok-jin (Profile, Facts, Dating, Love Life, and Ideal Type)


Ha Seok-jin Byeol Korea

The Cute Oppa Of Korea, Ha Seok-jin

We will introduce you to the one who can be your next heartthrob; he is tall, kind, polite, gentle and handsome, and his cute name is Ha Seok-jin. This handsome guy, he has stared in so many dramas and TV series. His acting can impress everyone who watches him. Lucky for you, today we will tell you everything you need to know and what you’ve been really wondering about him. Byeol Korea will provide a detailed rundown of everything about him, so let’s meet this handsome actor Ha Seok-jin.

Ha Seok-jin’s Life Before Being Famous

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Ha Seok-jin was born in South Korea, on February 10th, 1982, from a middle-class ordinary family. But since a very young age, he has always had a dream of becoming an actor or at least work in the entertainment industry. He is very tall. His height is 182 cm. And he kept the faith that one day he would become an actor. But not only he has a handsome face, he also has a brilliant brain.

He graduated from Hanyang University in mechanical engineering because his family wanted him to finish his studies. And after graduating, he started working as an engineer. But because of his handsome face some model companies gave him a project. This was his opportunity to enter the entertainment world. In 2005 his modeling stint with Korean air was his first job in the entertainment industry.

Surprising Facts of Ha Seok-jin You Need To Know

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Here they are, a few facts you need to know about him.

  • He gained further confidence by collaborating with the musician SG wannabe in 2005, making an appearance in his music video for the songs “As We Live” and “Sin and Punishment.” As a consequence of his appearance in these music videos, he got quite a few offers for acting and thus his career as a star in the Korean movie industry began.
  • In 2008, he got a chance to play an important role in the drama I Am Happy, and thanks to his role in the drama he won the Best Actor Award at SBS Drama Awards. He also received a nomination at the Baeksang Art Awards.
  • When it comes to women, he has said that looks and appearance is the last thing he notices in a woman. He prefers a good character and a big heart, rather than a beautiful face.
  • He would like to keep his private life away from the eyes of the public and he is not active on social media. This means that we cannot stalk him, girls. But recently, it would seem that he has opened his own Instagram account for fans.
  • He is very shy when it comes to women. And that is one of the reasons for not having met his ideal woman yet.
  • He has played the leading roles in two big dramas, namely Drinking Solo and Radiant Office.
  • He began his career in entertainment as a model.

Ha Seok-jin’s Filmography

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Since he began his career as an actor in 2005 he has starred in a lot of dramas and movies, so we will tell you and maybe it can be a recommendation for spending your weekend.

Year Title Role Network
2005 Sad Love Story MBC
Princess Lulu Seok-jin SBS
2006 Dr. Kkang Kim Jin-kyu MBC
Korea Secret Agency
2007 If in Love… Like Them Kang-deo SBS/Mnet
Hello! Miss Hwang Chan-min KBS2
Drama City “무공족구외전” Park Jung-woo
2008 I am Happy Kang-seok SBS
2009 What’s for Dinner? Kim Yoon-soo MBC
2010 The Great Merchant Kang Yoo-ji KBS1
Once Upon a Time in Saengchori Jo Min-sung tvN
2011 Can’t Lose Lee Tae-young MBC
If Tomorrow Comes[5] Lee Young-gyun SBS
2012 Standby[6] Ha Seok-jin MBC
Childless Comfort[7] Ahn Sung-ki jTBC
2013 Shark[8] Oh Joon-young KBS2
Thrice Married Woman[9] Kim Jun-goo SBS
2014 4 Legendary Witches[10] Nam Woo-suk MBC
2015 D-Day[11] Han Woo-jin jTBC
2016 After the Play Ends Park-ryeok tvN
Drinking Solo[12] Jin Jung-suk tvN
Something About 1 Percent[13] Lee Jae-in DramaX
2017 Radiant Office[14] Seo Woo-jin MBC
2018 A Poem a Day Cameo, Episode 11 tvN
Your House Helper[15] Kim Ji-woon KBS2
radiant office


Year Title Role
2006 See You After School Kang Jae-koo
Who Slept with Her Kim Tae-yo
2007 Unstoppable Marriage Wang Ki-baek
2008 Summer Whispers Yoon-soo
2016 Like for Likes Cameo, Kang Min-ho

Variety show

Year Title Network Notes
2010 The Fox’s Butler MBC Cast member
2015 Hot Brain: Problematic Men[16][17] tvN
2016 After The Show Ends[18] tvN

Music video

Year Song title Artist
2005 As We Live SG Wannabe
Sin and Punishment
2006 “Because I Love You” SG Wannabe & SeeYa
2007 Stay SG Wannabe
2008 I Miss You SG Wannabe
2013 슬픈약속 (That’s My Fault) Speed
It’s Over
2015 “Along the Days” Huh Gak

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