Surprisingly Facts About Former Gugudan, Hyeyeon (Full Profile, Reason Why She Left, Letter to Fans, and Solo Activities)


Reason Why Hyeyeon Left GUGUDAN


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Taking care of our health is one of the most important things that should we do in life. Nothing goes well when we’re sick, right?

Sad news came from Gugudan. On May 17, 2018, Jellyfish Entertainment released the sudden news that Gugudan member Hyeyeon would be taking a break from all her activities with her group, because of health reasons. Jellyfish Entertainment revealed their official confirmation through the following statement, “Hyeyeon is not attending anything activities with Gugudan in her schedule beside attending school. We’ve decided she was need to focus in her treatment and taking a break a while for her best healthy recovery. We ask for all fans to understanding the sudden news and we will do our best to taking care to recover Hyeyeon health.”

Hyeyeon Departure From GUGUDAN


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After taking a break during May, 2018, due to her health, the maknae member of Gugudan confirmed that she was departing from the group. On October 25, 2018, the group’s agency confirmed the news through an official statement.

The agency said, “Hyeyeon will not be any longer with the group and will be ending all her activities with Gugudan. The decision was made after the long discussion about Hyeyeon future career path as a singer and activities in entertainment industry which was taking a break since May, because her health issue.

Although she will be discontinuing her activities schedule with Gugudan, she still continues to be affiliated with the agency, Jellyfish Entertainment. Please continue love and support Hyeyeon even she no longer of Gugudan member and also love and support the remaining eight members.”


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Following the news announcement about her leaving the group, Hyeyeon wrote a letter for her fans, herself. She wrote a long letter to explain her reasons for departing from Gugudan.

She said her letter, “To our Dear Friends -Gugudan official fans club-, hello everyone, it’s Hyeyeon. For the first time in a while I greeting you, right? I am sorry for coming to greet you so late. Just the announced that our agency statement, I will no longer my all activities with Gugudan anymore and will support the group as Dear Friends like you all do. I have been away from you all for my health reason, taking break and focusing in my study. During that times I thought a lot about many things and come with this decision.

“Thanks to your support, my health was recovery well and I was focusing more in my study. During my activity time as a Gugudan member, I have been able to have a wonderful time and create so many great memories and priceless experiences thanks to you all, our Dear Friends, our member, and many others. I want to thanks to you once again for always being by my side and sending me your support. I always treasure all of you and never forgetting about you all. I remember every time, every moment, every day that I’ve been spent with you guys and these moments was be most precious moments for me.

“Although I am not a member of Gugudan again, I will do my best to greet you in the future. But for now, I will be focusing for my healthy and my study. My fellow Gugudan member will continue to shine through their activities, so please continue love and support them in the future. Our Dear Friends, thank you so much and as always, I love You. From Hyeyeon.”

gugudan-Hyeyeon letter

Meanwhile, Gugudan continued their activities with eight members and had a comeback on November 6, 2018. In the Gugudan showcase after the comeback was released, Gugudan members were asked about their former member, Hyeyeon. The said, “We started with nine members, but like Hyeyeon wrote in her letter, she will continue support us as a Dear Friends. She listens to new our album and said she like it. We also will be support for Hyeyeon focusing in her health and her study, and we will continue our activities with eight members and will be more shine in the future.”

Solo Activities and Latest News About Hyeyeon


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Since becoming inactive as a Gugudan member, there hasn’t been any more recent news about Hyeyeon. It seems like she just focusing on her health and her studies more. Although her activities as an idol have ended for now, let’s continue to support and love Hyeyeon, and wait for her next activity in the future.

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