Full Information About KPOP Group HALO (Profile, Facts, Members, Lyric, Stage, and Instagram)


Interview of HALO

In their early debut years, HALO paid a visit to Arirang’s K-Poppin’ to talk about their first album. In the following years, the group also religiously visited the show whenever they have a comeback. It seems like the group has gotten comfortable even ever since the first show. The group also comfortable and appear understanding when the MCs occasionally speak English with them.

You can also watch how the HALO’s members brighten up the mood on the set as they appeared as a guest in Arirang’s After School Club Episode 195 wearing colorful attires.


Youtube Channel

Although it is not very active, the group has an official Youtube channel to engage and inform the fans about their current or future activities.

The last three updates of the group came from the year of 2019.

Firstly, when the group prepared to greet fans with the new year celebration.

Second, when they released the behind the scene video of their 2018 Japanese concert.

And thirdly when they uploaded their V!Live broadcast in the middle of 2019.

Although it is quite short, fans are loving the broadcast of the members, seeing that they missed them dearly since the channel hasn’t uploaded any new content after that.

We also hope to see their next activity on the channel (Hopefully soon).

Latest News of HALO

In May 2019, HALO’s agency High Star Entertainment confirmed that their exclusive contracts with the members had ended in April 2019, and the members had separated (although they haven’t declared their disbandment publicly). Now, since the future of the group is uncertain, the members went to their individual paths.

In early September 2019, it was reported that HALO’s Ooon, Hee-cheon, and Yoon-dong participated in the Japanese version of Mnet’s Produce 101, namedly Produce 101 Japan.

In the released profiles of 101 trainees of the season, three trainees stood out and surprised fans as fans recognized them as the members of the group HALO. The three HALO members, Ooon, Hee-cheon, and Yoon-dong, returned to being trainees in the show under their real names Jung Yong-hoon, Kim Hee-cheon, and Kim Yoon-dong.

In their introduction, Jung Yong-hoon wrote, “I will work hard for my dream and to protect my family, and rise to number 1.” Kim Hee-cheon said, “I will work hard to show that my life has come this far. The point is not in vain,” and Kim Yoon-dong said, “I want to live up to the expectations of my family and friends who believe in me. I will work hard. “

Ooon, Yoondong, Heecheon

Although in the end, the trio didn’t complete the show as they decided to drop out of the program toward the end of the show, the three members are caught fans’ attention and are reported in 2020 to be debuting soon in a Japanese boy group called Orbit Union or ORβIT.

They will be debuting along with the other fellow Produce 101 Japan‘s trainees such as Miyajima Yugo and Osawa Shunya. Orbit Union is said to announce more members soon.


Meanwhile, the group’s official Instagram hasn’t been updated with the new activities or announcement since the celebration post of In-haeng’s birthday back on April 21, 2019.

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the K-pop group HALO. Even though there is still no announcement regarding the group’s future activities, the fans are patiently waiting for their comeback or following their individual career supportedly. What do you think about this group? Do you miss them? If so, let’s chat with us in the comment section below!