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Lyrics Meaning of HALO

Like a typical boy group and other K-pop songs, HALO lyrics are filled with the usual meaning and message about falling in love or having a crush on a girl. The lyrics are usually blunt with them conveying a similar message of explaining their reaction and desire to be with a girl, or even as simple as recognizing it.

In the group’s debut song, “Fever”, they talked about the feeling of ‘fever’ that they got as they found themselves smitten by a girl they coincidently met. “Is it what love feels like?”, that’s their actual question of this song as can be found in some of the lyrics:

You know, when you pass by
When our hands touch I don’t ever miss it
(I remember all)
We ran into each other again
Is it really coincidence? Or do you want me too?
(I hope so)
We don’t have to say anything
We always find each other

The temperature’s hot, like a fever
My heart’s burning, can you feel it?
I become a man when you’re by my side
A man in love (The temperature’s hot)

Sometimes when I don’t see you
When I don’t hear from you I don’t ever feel good
(I get really nervous)
Want to meet up, just us two?
How about tomorrow? I have something to say
(I bet you know what it is)
Where are you, who are you with?
I keep thinking about you

The temperature’s hot, like a fever
My heart’s burning, can you feel it?
I become a man when you’re by my side
A man in love (The temperature’s hot)

I hang around you, as hot as the stove
My cold hands, body, and mind
You heat them up with your lips
I act tough like I’ve seen on the shows
Like keyboards and guitar making one melody
we hang on to each other
Your name, those two letters are all I’m interested in
Something inside me tells me to never leave you alone

And like the usual K-pop music, they filled the chorus with easy-to-remember wording that will make the listeners bop to it:

ttuttu ttuttuttu ruttu ttuttu ttuttuttu ruttu
ttuttu ttuttuttu ruttu (I love you lady)
ttuttu ttuttuttu ruttu ttuttu ttuttuttu ruttu
ttuttu ttuttuttu ruttu (Our temperatures are hot)

While in their comeback song, “Here I Am” (2017), the boys talked about how they were smitten by a girl and sang their heart of it. The song is about their protective urge to be near the girl they’re in love with.

The first verse of the song describes the feeling of ‘drunkenness in being in love’.

I told you, I’m always drunk off your scent
I’m running every day so I’m right behind you
I hear it from here and there
Just come inside, you talk too much

Girl, you shook me up without warning
You messed up my heart, mindlessly
Here and there, baby, here and there, baby
Where are you looking? Don’t look there, stick with me
Here and there, baby, here and there, baby
Your place is right here

While they also put on the lyrics of protectiveness and possessiveness over a girl

Ay girl
U know what I’m saying

Who dares to violate you?
Can’t deny it
How can I just leave you alone?
Can’t handle it

Next to the pretty you, bees are swarming
Of course, it’s natural but I’m nervous
I’m afraid you’ll be taken away, I’m anxious
Don’t go anywhere, just stay right here in my arms

And their obsession and competitiveness for that girl:

No hesitation
I can do anything
It’s only you
Baby put it on me, Baby put it on me

I want you so bad, I’m going crazy
I can risk everything for you
I dare to ask
Give me a chance, how about it?
I’m on a different level from those boring guys

Here and there, baby, here and there, baby
No, not that way, hurry and come to me
Here and there, baby, here and there, baby
Your place is right here

And their latest comeback, “OMG” (2018) pretty much conveyed the same message of catching up a girl. Although, this song also sang about the ‘game’ of push and pull that they had.

If only I never found out
When I started to doubt
I questioned myself
Were you always this thick-skinned?
You make my palms sweaty
How much more do I have to handle?

This place is dangerous
Each moment was hard
You trapped me and pushed me in
You moved however you want
This suffocating suspense
You flipped over the ending
Why did I find out now?
Now I can’t take it anymore

The moment I opened my eyes to your trap
Why did I think you were so precious?
I’m lost in a maze
In just one moment, this place crashed down

The chorus also speaks about the suffocating feelings that they feel of feeling too much, inserting the word “Oh My God” to give the emphasis.

Oh my god
In my burning emotions
The air is frozen
I’m running out of breath
Oh my god
I’m trapped in you
Nowhere to go
I can’t escape

One, two, it’s too late
I erased you from inside of me
Your brazen acts of playing me
Oh my god I don’t want a say no more


Stage Performance of HALO

Same with their energetic dance in most of their MV, HALO displayed a similar unmatchable strong dance in their stage performance.

Starting from their stage debut in MBC’s Show! Music Core, performing their song “Fever”, the group displayed a strong choreography for a rookie group. The group kicks off the song with the suit and overwhelming charms. Even some of the old comments from 6 years ago agreed that the group has done well as a rookie group, considering their dance. They even charmed the fans with their live singing skills.

“Major respect for these boys. They sing really well not only as a rookie group but as a K-pop group, especially considering their dance”, one user commented.

They tried to the song live even with that hard choreography, very professional. You can see that not all the groups make lip-sync in their comeback stage ;). Music Core has been very professional forbidding the lip-sync”, write another user.

” I love the choreo! They have a lot of energy!”, said another user.

“I love how they’re singing live really well for a rookie group; HALO HWAITING <33”, another user added.

Meanwhile, through their last comeback, the boys still displayed the same kind of energy as their debut stage. Performing also with suits (plus ties this time), we still can’t see how HALO overwhelmed the stage with their strong dance and energy.

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