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Full Information About KPOP Group HALO (Profile, Facts, Members, Lyric, Stage, and Instagram)

HALO Byeol Korea

HALO (헤일로) is a 2nd generation k-pop boy group that debuted under the label High Star Entertainment on June 26, 2014, with the release of their first single “Fever”. The name HALO is a shorten from Hexagon of Absolute Light and the Organization. The group debuted with 6 members:  Ooon, Dino, In-haeng, Jae-yong, Hee-cheon, and Yoon-dong. The group made their first stage debut in the weekly music program MBC’s Show! Music Core on June 28, 2015.

The group has released a total of 3 mini-albums and 3 single-albums throughout their career in Korea. Unfortunately, the group was reported to end their exclusive contract with their agency on May 29, 2019. There hasn’t been any news regarding the group’s future activities as they haven’t released anything ever since, though the members Yoon-dong, Hee-cheon, and Ooon were participating in Produce 101 Japan in September 2019 and even made their debut with the Japanese group project, ORβIT.

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Full Profile of HALO
  • Group name: HALO (헤일로)
  • Label: High Star Entertainment (Korea), Pony Canyon (Japan)
  • Years active: 2014-present (inactive)
  • Genre(s): Pop, dance
  • Debut date: June 28, 2014
  • Debut song: “Fever”
  • Active members: Dino, In-haeng, Jae-yong
  • Inactive members: Ooon, Hee-cheon, Yoon-dong
  • Fanclub: HaVe / HALOVE (헤브)
  • Official colors: Pantone 628 C, Pantone 2717 C, Pantone 19-4057 TCX True Blue

Official Accounts of HALO

Discography of HALO


Mini albums

  • Young Love (2015)
  • Happy Day (2016)
  • Here I Am (2017)

Single albums

  • “38°C” (2014)
  • “Hello HALO” (2014)
  • “Grow Up” (2015)

Digital singles

  • “Surprise” (2015)
  • “O.M.G.” (2018)


  • “My Lovely Girl OST Part.7” (“Super Stiction”) (2014)


Studio albums

  • HALO’s Mysterious Restaurant (2017)


  • “Fever -Japanese Ver.-” (2015)
  • “Heaven Heaven” (2016)
  • “Jasmine” (2017)
  • “Liar” (2018)

Music Video of HALO

Boy group HALO is known for its sleek choreography and music that doesn’t require much-complicated concept or grande custom. The group has been constant in showcasing the dance aspect in their music video to accompany their catchy and easy songs.

Starting from the group’s debut track MV, “Fever”, which was released some quite time ago (in 2014). It is understandable that the group doesn’t seem to put too many complicated storylines or animation effects given how at that time K-pop was not as big as it is now. Although it seems like the MV doesn’t put much production value than the general standard required, the group still managed to hook you with their easy dance in front of the minimal background and occasional zoom-up faces on the members.

HALO released the MV for their dance-pop track, “Here I Am”, on July 5, 2017. This song is the title track of their third mini-album and was produced by Shin Hyuk, the person behind EXO‘s “Growl”. So, it is no wonder that you can feel a little bit of the signature groove of EXO’s “Growl”. Though it is coming from the same producer, the song also stood out differently as it is a contemporary pop urban song featuring a soft yet powerful sound from HALO’s own signature vocals.

The MV and the song don’t have much different than HALO’s previous tracks though, as it still has the same appeal of electric dance-pop beat and music. The MV also has the same feeling with its simplicity as the members dance to the song with a harmonious costume and synchronize steps. Perhaps this may sound funny, but the background of HALO’s “Here I Am” MV a little bit reminds us of the Mnet’s Produce 101’s signature pink logo and even to some extent, also reminds us of Wanna One’s style. But this still remains as one of our favorite MV from them.

Now, it is kinda sad that the MV above the last released music that HALO put and released in Korea as a group. HALO released a single and a music video titled “OMG” at May 1, 2018, through the Interpark Music Youtube channel.

Apparently, aside from being their last comeback, the group is also not in a complete formation when they were promoting this song. Although in the music video we will see the performances of six HALO members, it is reported that the member Jae-yong was not participating during the promotional activities due to conflicting individual schedules.

Like their previous releases, the MV still offers the same style that was becoming HALO’s signature style. The song is a funky track with addictive instrumental music. The song has this disco-pop vibe with enough groove and electric guitar that has become HALO’s favorite style.

In the music video, the HALO members perform their choreography, wearing suits on the roof of a building with a beautiful city view. Although the MV took place in only one scene and view, you will not bored with the MV as their energetic vibe and groove could still be felt throughout the entire MV. With their funky disco music and sleek choreography, the HALO members will definitely make us want to dance with them to the song “OMG”. Oh yes, You will want to dance with them.

Aside from the tracks and videos above, there are also other HALO’s MV that has become our other favorites. You could listen and watch for its musical value, such as “Surprise” (2015), “Jasmine” (2017), and “Liar” (2018).

So, what are you waiting for? Go search their MV on Youtube and be ready to be smitten by their charms!

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