Get Closer With Girl’s Day’s Maknae, Hyeri (Profile, Facts, Dating, Boyfriend, and Latest News)


Hyeri Reportedly Entered the Same Agency With Her Boyfriend, Ryu Jun-yeol


Hyeri was recently reported to have entered the same agency as her boyfriend.

According to a report on Friday (29/03), Hyeri entered the C-JeS Entertainment agency, the agency that houses actor Ryu Jun-yeol. Hyeri decided to enter C-JeS Entertainment agency, after her contract with Dream T Entertainment ended.

Her decision to enter the agency certainly attracted the attention of many people, because Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol were known to be having a love affair, after being met through the drama “Reply 1988”.

Besides Ryu Jun-yeol, various artists under C-JeS Entertainment’s agency are Choi Min-suk, Seol Kyung-gyu, Song Il-kook, Moon So-ri, Hwang Jung-eum, Ra Mi-ran, Gummy and JYJ.

Agency Denies Hyeri Rumors Join the same Agency with her Boyfriend, Ryu Jun-yeol at C-JeS Entertainment

The four members of Girl’s Day are now moving to new agencies along with the end of the employment contract with their old agency. One of them is Hyeri. On March 29, this popular idol is rumored to be moving to C-Jes Entertainment.

Hyeri is rumored to have signed a contract with C-JeS Entertainment agency. Interestingly, as is known by the public, C-JeS Entertainment is an agency that houses Hyeri’s boyfriend, Ryu Jun-yeol, a talented and popular young actor.

The fans who supported their relationship were happy to hear the news that Hyeri followed Yu Jun-yeol to C-Jes Entertainment. Although South Korean celebrities often get scandals because their love affair was revealed to the public, but not to Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol.

News of Hyeri and Yu Jun-yol’s love affair was very well received by fans and the public in Korea. Because Hyeri and Yu Jun-Yeol have successfully captivated the audience of the popular series “Reply 1988” with acting chemistry in romantic scenes.

Unfortunately, C-Jes Entertainment denied this rumor and said that Hyeri did not sign a contract with them. Sources from the C-Jes Entertainment agency said, “News about us who signed an exclusive contract with Hyeri was wrong.”

On the other hand, currently Hyeri herself is considering offering a role for the TV series “Miss Lee”. Hyeri is also still preoccupied with her activities as a permanent member on “Amazing Saturday” on TVN. Look forward to which agency will sign a contract with Hyeri for future activities.

Meanwhile, three other Girl’s Day members have got their new agencies. Minah has signed an exclusive contract with Yooborn Company which is Lee Won-geun’s agency until Won Jin-ah. Sojin decided to move and sign a contract with Noon Company.

Yura announces that she moved to Awesome ENT. This is the agency that houses popular actor Park Seo-joon. In the future three members of Girl’s Day will continue their careers in acting, starring in TV programs and of course in the music field as well.

Hyeri’s Girl’s Day’s Ready to Drama’s Comeback Through “Miss Lee”


Girl’s Day’s Hyeri prepares to return to the screen by starring in TVN’s latest drama. Hyeri plans to become the female lead for the drama called “Miss Lee”.

Launching Soompi, the drama that will star Hyeri will air every Wednesday and Thursday. A source from TVN clarified that TVN was reviewing additional drama schedules for the second half of this year.

“Hyeri was positively reviewing an offer to star in the drama,” he said.

If Ryu Jun-yeol’s girlfriend accepts an offer to play in the drama, then this will be her comeback in the drama after 1.8 months. She last starred in the drama with Jo Jung-suk, titled “Two Cops” by MBC in 2017.

“Miss Lee” is a drama that tells about innovative culture in the workplace, where authoritative relationships are damaged and employees respect others. The plan, Hyeri was offered to portray a character named Lee Seon-shim, who began her career as a bookkeeper in a small company but got attention to become the CEO of the company.

Miss Lee is scheduled to premiere in September replacing the drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name”. The drama will be directed by Han Dong-hwa who also directed “38 Squad” by OCN.

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