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Brief Description About Hyeri in Girl’s Day

Lee Hye-ri was born on June 9, 1994, in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She better known mononymously as Hyeri. She is a South Korean singer and actress. She has a sister, Hye-rim, who is two years younger. She is the youngest member of girl group Girl’s Day and is known for her leading role in television drama Reply 1988 (2015). She ranked third in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in 2016.

When she was in middle school, Hyeri was scouted by Dream Tea Entertainment and consequently joined Girl’s Day. She later attended Seoul School of Performing Arts, and is currently majoring in Film at Konkuk University.

In September 2010, Hyeri was announced as a new member of Girl’s Day alongside Yura when Jiin and Jisun left the group, just two months after the group debuted. The revamped group released a single titled “Nothing Lasts Forever”.

In 2012, Hyeri made her acting debut in the SBS weekend drama Tasty Life, where she played the youngest in a family of four daughters. After her 4-day long appearance on Real Men in August 2014, a brief clip of her showing aegyo at her instructor went viral in South Korea, reaching one million views in a day.

Hyeri was later cast as one of the main characters in the teen drama Schoolgirl Detectives, which began airing on cable channel jTBC in December 2014. In late 2014, she was cast in the mystery rom-com drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me, which began airing on SBS in January 2015.

Hyeri’s Full Profile
Birth Name Lee Hye-ri (이혜리)
Stage Name Hye-ri (혜리)
Born June 9, 1994, Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Education Konkuk University
  • Singer
  • Actress
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 167 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type  AB
Social Media Instagram: @hyeri_0609
Years Active 2010–present
Labels  Dream T Entertainment
Associated Acts Girl’s Day

Interesting Facts About Hyeri
  • She was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • She has a younger sister, Hye-rim (2 years younger).
  • Hyeri was scouted by Dream Tea Entertainment when she was in middle school.
  • Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts, Konkuk University (Film major)
  • Hyeri joined Girl’s Day in September 2010, alongside Yura, when Jiin and Jisun left the group.
  • Hyeri acted in the dramas: “Tasty Life” (2012), “Seonam Girls High School Investigators ” (2014), “Hyde Jekyll, Me” (2015), “Reply 1988” (2016), “Entertainer” (2016), “Two Cops” (2017).
  • She also acted in the movie “Strange Object” (2017).
  • According to the members, Hyeri is the highest paid member of Girl’s Day. (Tvn’s “Taxi”)
  • She likes watching movies and reading books.
  • She’s good at running marathons and writing.
  • In 2016, on the Lunar New Year, Hyeri donated ₩50 million to Community Chest of Korea in order to help improving elderly welfare.
  • Hyeri was in a relationship with H.O.T’s member Tony An (started in March 2013) but they broke up after 8 months.
  • Since August 2017, Hyeri is dating Ryu Jun-yeol (they were both lead actor/actress in “Reply 1988”).
  • Hyeri’s ideal type: a man who can take good care of her.

Hyeri’s Discography


Studio albums

Albums Release
Expectation March 14, 2013
Female President (repackage) June 24, 2013
July 6, 2015
Girl’s Day 2015 Autumn Party (Japanese Album) September 2015

Compilation albums

Title Release
Best Album November 26, 2014

Extended plays

Albums Release
Girl’s Day Party #1 July 9, 2010
Everyday July 6, 2011
Everyday II April 17, 2012
Girl’s Day Everyday #3 January 3, 2014
Girl’s Day Everyday #4
July 14, 2014
I Miss You
October 15, 2014
Girl’s Day Everyday #5
March 27, 2017


“Tilt My Head” (Girl’s Day Party #1) (2010)
“How About Me” (2010)
“Nothing Lasts Forever” (Girl’s Day Party #2) (2010)
“Twinkle Twinkle” (Girl’s Day Party #3) (2011)
“Hug Me Once” (2011)
“Don’t Flirt” (Girl’s Day Party #4) (2011)
“Oh! My God” (2012)
“Blue Rain 2012” (2012)
“Don’t Forget Me” (Girl’s Day Party #5) (2012)
“White Day” (2013)
“Expect” (2013)
“Female President” (2013)
“Please Tell Me” (Girl’s Day Party #6) (2013)
“Let’s Go” (2013)
“Something” (2014)
“Darling” (2014)
“I Miss You” (2014)
“Hello Bubble” (2015)
“Ring My Bell” (2015)
“Darling (Japanese Version)” (2015)
“I’ll Be Yours” (2017)

Other charted songs

“Two of Us” 2012
“Don’t Trust Her” 2013
“Timing” 2014
“Look At Me” 2014
“With Me” 2015
“Macaron” 2015
“Thirsty” 2017
“Love Again” 2017


Year Title Album
2011 “If You Give Me Your Heart” Sparkling OST
“Cupid” City Hunter OST
“Honey Honey” The Woman of Our Home OST
“New Trial” Dungeon & Fighter
2012 “Vine Song” My Husband Got a Family OST
“Nungcool Song”
2014 “You And I” Doctor Stranger OST
“들려줘요” Dad For Rent OST
“One Person” The King’s Face OST
2015 “Ajjil Ajjil” The Family Is Coming OST
“I Am Korea” I Am Korea
“It Hurts” Mask OST
“Everyday With You “ Reply 1988 OST


Year Information Song
2011 Ready!

  • Artist: Nami Tamaki
  • Released: February 23, 2011
  • Language: Japanese
“Girlie Night”
2015 I Am Korea

  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Released: May 15, 2015
“I Am Korea”
‘One K’ Campaign Song

  • Artist: Various Artists
“One Dream One Song”

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