All About G.O.D Member, Son Ho-young (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Almost Attempted Suicide)


Son Ho-young’s Discography


Album  Release Date
Yes September 14th, 2006
Returns October 9th, 2008


Extended Plays (EP)

Title  Release Date
Sweet Love July 27th, 2007
U-TURN November 10th, 2011
May, I May 23rd, 2016
October 26th, 2016 (Repackaged)



Lead Artist

Title Album Year
(ft. Ye-in)
The First Noel Christmas Present
씻고 준비해야죠
(Lee Hyun-wook with Son Hoyoung
I Know (Remix version) Original Song from Returns
None Like You (너 같은 사람 없어) May, I (repackaged) 2016


As Featured Artist

Title Album Year
Smile Again I Love Asia (digital single) 2008
Baby I Love You (Suho feat. Son Ho-young) 2009
Memory and Remembrance (기억과 추억).

Kim Tae-woo feat. Joonhyung, Hoyoung, Danny.

Raining (비가)

Kim Jin-woo feat. Son Ho-young


Love Will Be Ok (잘할게)

Natthew feat. Son Ho-young



Contributed Songs

As Lead Artist

Title Album Year
똑같은 사람 RHAPSODY (The Soul of Sound) 2008
Just Say It (어서 말을 해 ) Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend – Legendary Folk Duos 2014
Senoya Senoya (feat Kim Dong-jun) Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend – Legendary Singer: Yang Hee-eun
Shaken by the Wind, Wet from the Rain (바람에 흔들리고 비에 젖어도) Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend – Legends of Soul: Park Seong-hoon and Park Hyeon-jin 2015
My Love Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend – Lee Seung-chul + 6 special vocalist. 2016
Paper Crane (종이학) Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend – Lee Beom-hee
Mi Manchi (그대를 그리며) 

Jin Yoon-hee with Son Ho-young.

The Forest 2017


As Featured Artist

Title Album Year
친구란 이름으로

(Kim Tae-woo feat. Son Ho-young)

Solo Special 2006
다시 내 곁으로

(As One feat. Son Ho-young)

Fool (바보야)

(Kil Gun feat. Son Ho-young)

Born Again


(Cho Ah feat. Son Ho-young)

 예인 (霓人) (Yein) Vol.1

즐거운 인생

(Tim feat. Son Ho-young and Danny Jung)

Volume 4 – Love Is…
Hungry Love (니가 고파)

(Kim Tae-woo feat. Mad Clown and Son Ho-young)

T-WITH 2017



Title Movie/Drama Year
Secret Miss Gold Digger 2007

(Trespass feat. Son Ho-young)

Thorn (가시) Smile, Mom 2010
I Only Wanted You (너만을 원했다)

(feat. Narration by Song Joong-ki)

The Innocent Man 2012
It’s Strange (이상해요) I Love Lee Tae-ri
Look At Me (나를 좀 봐봐) Flower Boys Next Door 2013
One Day (하루만) solo version Marriage, Not Dating 2014
One Day (하루만)

(Feat. Danny Ahn)

Fantastic Star (판타스틱 스타) Fantastic 2016
Moon Light Please Come Back, Mister 2016
A Book of You (너라는 책) Romance Is a Bonus Book 2019


Music Videos

Title Album Year
Love Brings Separation (사랑은 이별을 데리고 오다) Yes 2006
My Heart Is In Heaven (하늘에 내 마음이) Sweet Love 2007
We Can Make It

(Jang Geun-suk, Son Ho-young and Tim as ‘WEE Band’)

Ministry of Education (WEE Project) 2008
I Know Returns

Pretty But Hateful (예쁘고 미웠다)

(feat. Bizzy)

U-TURN 2011
My Weak Point (나의 약점) May, I 2016

Son Ho-young’s Filmography

Television Series

Title Role Channel Year Notes
Becoming a Billionaire Ha Joon-tae KBS2 2010 cameo
Salamander Guru and Shadows Kim Shi-hoo SBS 2012 cameo
Pure Love Son Dae-ri KBS2 2013

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