Full Information About Actress Fujii Mina (Profile, Facts, Boyfriend, Married, ETC)


All You Need to Know About Japanese Actress in Korea, Fujii Mina

Fujii Mina is a Japanese artist, but her popularity is very popular in South Korea because she starred in Korean dramas or films. She is also able to speak Korean and write Korean very well. Her name is increasingly sought after by Korean people when she starred in one of the most famous Korean dramas, titled My Sassy Girl, which also stars Cha Tae-hyun.

Since childhood, Fujii Mina was already interested in learning Korean. She began to be interested in Korean culture because of the drama Winter Sonata, since then Fujii Mina began to learn about Korea in order to understand Korean language and writing. Because of her love for Korea, in 2012 Fujii Mina became a cameo in one of a Korean drama.

According to Fujii Mina, while working in Korea she felt comfortable and the people were more open than in Japan. Even so, she still loves Korean and Japanese culture. Well, let’s get closer with Fujii Mina, check this out!

Fujii Mina Profile and Facts

Fujii Mina Profile 2019

  • Name : Fujii Mina
  • Date of Birth : July 15, 1988
  • Birthplace : San Diego, California, United States
  • Age : 30 years old
  • Profession : Actress
  • Height : 166 cm
  • Weight : N/A
  • Zodiac : Cancer
  • Blood Type : A
  • Nationality : Japanese
  • Education : Yorii Junior High School, Keio Shonan Fujisawa High School, Keio University (Arts degree)
  • Agency : Humanite
  • Languages : Japanese, Korean, and English
  • Instagram : @fujii_mina_0715

Fun Facts about Fujii Mina

  1. She started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of nine
  2. She was born in San Diego, California, United States but grow up in Japan
  3. She appears on TVXQ’s Music Video Why Did I Fall In Love With You
  4. Her film debut in 2006, when she played as Miki Onaka in Simsons
  5. Fujii Mina graduated from faculty of letters Keio University where she got Bachelor of Arts in human relations
  6. She won an award in Seoul International Drama Awards, category Asian Star Prize in 2016
  7. Her hobbies are reading and piano
  8. Fujii Mina can speak English, Korean, and Japanese
  9. She participated in Korean virtual marriage, We Got Married with Lee Hongki
  10. Her favourite foods in Korea is fried chicken

Fujii Mina Personal Life

As we already know, Fujii Mina was born in the USA but grew up in Japan and has a career in Korea. In 2015, Happy Together, Fujii Mina shared a photo of her childhood and surprised everyone who was there. The cast member when she was childhood photo said, “Wow! So pretty! Such a doll!”


Yoo Jae Suk added, “If you go to school, I would’ve gone looking for you.” Park Myung Soo also commented, “About 200 students would have failed their college entrance because of her.” Besides that, she was also rumored to be dating Lee Hongki, but she denied all that. Their relationship is only limited to virtual marriage on We Got Married. When finished, they decide to be good friends. On the Happy Together program she revealed her ideal type, Shin Dong-yup. Fujii Mina explained, “I like his gentle manner and his humorous speech. I like that kind of vibe.”

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