Get Closer With Former AOA, Youkyung (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Female Drummer Performance)


Youkyoung, Ex-member of AOA and AOA Black

Seo Youkyung, or who we usually know as Youkyung, is an ex-member of a girl group formed by FNC Entertainment in 2012, AOA. Before AOA became a girl group, initially AOA was formed into a girl band with Youkyung as the drummer. Youkyung also participated in the subunit, AOA Black.

Before becoming an AOA member, Youkyung was a former drummer for Sponge Band (a South Korean band consisting of 4 women and 1 man) and used the stage name Gaon. On July 30th, 2012, Youkyung debuted as an AOA member on Mnet’s M! Countdown with the debut single, Angels’ Story, with the song “Elvis.” But in 2016, Youkyung decided to leave AOA and not renew her contract with FNC Entertainment.

In this article, Channel Korea will give you a run-through of everything about Seo Youkyung. Want to know more about her profile and her career? Check this out!

Full Profile and Facts about Youkyung
  • Real Name: Seo Youkyung
  • Stage Name: Youkyung
  • Date of Birth: March 15th, 1993
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Position: Drummer
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Instagram: @drrrr.youkyung

Fun Facts about Youkyung

  1. Youkyung was the former drummer of Sponge Band.
  2. Youkyung can play the drums since she was in seventh grade.
  3. Youkyung was a part of AOA Black with Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Youkyung, and Mina.
  4. Youkyung left AOA in October 2016 and after her contract with FNC Entertainment expired, she decided to leave the band.
  5. Youkyung ideal type is: “I’m actually pretty tough, and so I like cute men a lot. These days my ideal type is 1 Night, 2 Days and Bridal Mask’s Ju Won sunbaenim. I hope men don’t get tied up by their macho images, and show more of their cute charms.”
  6. Her angel name is Y.
  7. Was admitted into Yewon Arts University as a Practical Music Major in 2013. She graduated in 2018. She composed one of her school performances, titled Sorry.
  8. Appeared in the reality shows Cheongdamdong 111 and Open Up AOA.
  9. She was first interested in acting and, while attending music school, one of her instructors was a producer for FNC and recommended she join AOA.
  10. She has one younger sister.

Youkyung’s Debut as a Member of AOA

When in school, Youkyung was interested in acting but, one of her instructors was a producer for FNC and recommended she join AOA. Then Youkyung tried to take the opportunity and eventually, she succeeded in joining AOA. In 2012, Youkyung debuted with AOA by releasing the song “Elvis” and she also joined the AOA Black subunit with Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Youkyung, and Mina and released the song “Get Out.”

However, on October 15th, 2016, it was announced that Youkyung had left the agency and group following the end of her contract, but would be a guest member of AOA Black’s future activities. The agency stated, “We are informing you of AOA’s drummer Youkyung’s contract finishing with FNC. After an adequate period of time and discussion this decision was made with respect to Youkyung’s opinion.”

The statement continued, “Although the contract with the company has ended, she will continue to participate in the AOA band project as a guest member.” FNC Entertainment ended up asking for love and support for Youkyung with her new start as well as AOA.

Youkyung also wrote a letter for her fans from her Fan cafe. She wrote:

Hello, this is Youkyung, hehe. It feels like I’ve come to write for the first time in a while. I feel like the reason why I’m back might disappoint a lot of people, so my heart feels a little heavy writing this. I’m sure there are some who have already heard, but after a lot of conversation and considerations, I have decided to end my contract with FNC, who I’ve been with for the past 5 years.

I haven’t really had many promotions with them, and this post is not a final goodbye, but I do feel sad about the AOA members, who I’ve been together with since my late teens to now, when I’m 24, and also thinking about greeting and cheering the people who have always helped us. But I also feel grateful. It was a precious time that I was able to meet great people, and also fans who have always shown love. From now on, as I always have, I’ll be preparing to appear out of nowhere with a better image, hehe. Also, if AOA Black comes back with a new song, I’ll unchangingly be their drummer! I’ll work hard to come back as fast as I can, with the best image. Please continue to support AOA, FNC, and me! Thank you!

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