Full Information About South Korean Boy Group F.T. Island Member That You Need to Know!


Let’s Find Out Full Profile and Facts of F.T. Island Seunghyun


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Stage Title: Seunghyun Birth Title: Song Seung Hyun Ranking: Guitarist, Main Rapper, and Vocalist Date of Birth : August 21, 1992 Place of Birth : Seoul, South Korea Height : 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 60 kg (132 pounds ) Family : Parents and younger brother Zodiac Sign : Leo Blood Type : O Last Instruction: KyungHee Cyber University School Graduate : Seoul School of Performing Arts Twitter Account : @chungxuan

Facts About Seunghyun:

  • 1. Seunghyun’s nickname is “Fake Maknae“.
  • 2. Seunghyun can perform both guitar and drum.
  • 3. Yellow is Seunghyun’s favorite color.
  • 4. Seunghyun’s younger brother would be the celebrity Song Se Hyun.
  • 5. Seunghyun’s hobby is surfing the net.
  • 6. Seunghyun also has an interest and hobby in athletics; he also enjoys playing badminton, table tennis, swimming pool, and soccer.
  • 7. Seunghyun is the most recent member to join F.T. Island. He combined F.T. Island substituting the ex-member Oh Won Bin.
  • 8. Seunghyun trained for 3 years at FNC Entertainment.
  • 9. Seunghyun is the 2nd youngest one of F.T. Island member.
  • 10. Seunghyun enjoys Linkin Park and Hoobastank.
  • 11. He’s also a part of 2 Song Location.
  • 12. Seunghyun was casted in a varity series”Idol Maknae Rebellon” back in 2009.
  • 13. His debuted from the musical”Jack the Ripper” where he played the function”Daniel”. He was also the most youthful”Daniel” from the musical.
  • 14. Seunghyun, together with Hongki, became the ambassadors of all Gangwon-do Province.
  • 15. Seunghyun revealed his ideal type is a woman who’s adorable and short. He wants his woman to become less than 163 cm. He likes a woman who enjoys pink and yellowish because he believes it’s adorable. Seunghyun also wants his woman will enjoy Linkin Park and Hoobastank like him.

Let’s Find Out Full Profile and Facts of F.T. Island Minhwan


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Stage Title: Minhwan Birth Name : Choi Min Hwan Position : Maknae, Drummer, Vocalist Date of Birth : November 11, 1992 Place of Birth : Seoul, South Korea Height : 171 cm (5’7″) Weight: 55 kg (121 pounds ) Family: Children and younger sister Zodiac Sign : Scorpio Blood Type : A Last Instruction: Seoul School of Performing Arts School Graduate : Eunil Information Industry High School Twitter Account : @FtDrMH1111

Facts About Minhwan:

  • 1. Minhwan’s nickname is Mindungyi.
  • 2. Steak is Minhwan’s preferred meals.
  • 3. Minhwan can play with 3 musical instruments, such as guitar, drum, and piano.
  • 4. The same as some other F.T. Island associates, Minhwan’s hobbies are browsing the web and listening to songs.
  • 5. Minhwan is the cutest one of the F.T. Island members.
  • 6. He was famous for being a “certified chimellier”, so someone who’s a connoisseur of poultry.
  • 7. Minhwan became the major actor in Naver TV Cast web drama”Hot and Sweet” at 2016.
  • 8. Minhwan explained that his ideal woman is Apink’s Bomi.
  • 9. Minhwan continues to be in a relationship with Laboum’s Yulhee
  • 10. On his very first acting debut”The Road Home” at 2009, Minhwan dropped since he suffered from a cold and that he was also overworked.

Let’s Find Out Full Profile and Facts of Former Member of F.T. Island, Oh Won-Bin


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Stage Title: Won Bin Birth Title: Oh Won Bin Position : Guitarist and Main Rapper Date of Birth : March 26, 1990 Place of Birth : South Korea Height : 180 cm (5’11”) Weight : 63 kg (138 lbs) Family : Parents Zodiac Sign : Pisces Blood Type : O Twitter Account : @Osh_yoru Last Instruction: University of Suwon, majoring Digital Music

Truth About Won-Bin:

  • 1. F.T. Island’s Jong Hoon has been Won Bin’s classmate if he was in college.
  • 2. Won Bin has many hobbies, for example, listening to sports, music, and studying.
  • 3. Aside from guitar, Won Bin may play a harmonica.
  • 4. Won Bin includes a nickname, which will be Mischievous Wonbin.
  • 5. Won Bin got teased by his friends because he’s got the exact same name with celebrity Won Bin, therefore he changed his title to Seong Hyun throughout his 3rd year at middle school.
  • 6. Won Bin abandoned F.T. Island at 2009 and began his own solo career.
  • 7. Won Bin’s perfect girl is somebody who can play sports but may also cook; he likes a woman who’s tall.

Popularity Ranking of F.T. Island Members


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Being in 1 group, F.T. Island, gained their fame as they stood together on stage. But with their group actions, every one of F.T. Island members possess their personal actions, including dramas, variety shows, and solo debuts. Every one of those tasks bring about F.T. Island members’ human recognition. And here we’ll show F.T. Island associates’ fame standing!

Rank Member Vote
1. Lee Hong Ki 236 votes
2. Lee Jae  Jin 37 votes
3. Choi Min Hwan 37 votes
4. Choi Jong Hoon 36 votes
5. Song Seung Hyun 35 votes