All About Ex-Members of STELLAR, Hyoeun (Profile, Facts, Debut, Disbandment, and Photoshoot)


Hyoeun’s Photoshoot Compilation

Here are some photos of Hyoeun of photoshoots she has done both with STELLAR and by herself.

hyoeun stellar
hyoeun stellar
hyoeun stellar
hyoeun stellar

Hyoeun’s Instagram Feed

Hyoeun’s Discography

This is Hyoeun’s discography when she was a member of STELLAR.

Title Release Date
Marionette February 12th, 2014
Sting January 18th, 2016
Stellar to the World July 14th, 2017



Title Album Year
Rocket Girl 2011
UFO 2012
Study Marionette 2013
Marionette 2014
Fool 2015
Vibrato  Sting
Sting 2016
Crying Cry



Title Album  Notes Year
Separation EP Moonband Feat Hyoeun 2017
Summer Summer Black Star Feat Hyoeun
All Is Well (OST)O 2015

Hyoeun’s Filmography

Title Role Year
Trace if the Hand Lee Soo Bin (Supporting Role) 2017

Latest News of Hyoeun

After the disbandment of STELLAR, all the members decided to each go their own path in life. The truth was revealed that when Hyoeun and the other STELLAR members were still a group, apparently they were getting a meager salary; for seven years they only got 10 million won every year or 7.775 won every month.

That could be the reason why they left the agency and agreed to disband STELLAR. Other members have already chosen a new way of life, some have opened a lingerie store, café, and hone acting skills as Hyoeun. It looks like there is still no update about her career in acting. But on her Instagram, she posted a poster which has a photo of her and “musical” with a release date. It could be about the next project she will be involved in so we better just wait!

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