30+ Interesting Facts That You Don’t Know About CROSS GENE’s Takuya Terada! Also Full Profile and Awards


30+ Interesting Facts About Cross Gene’s Takuya That You Don’t Know!


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  1. He had been the very first Cross Gene pioneer, but he chose to remove himself from this place following J.G left. Takuya believed he was not able to become a great leader for Cross Gene, also Shin provided to select the position from the shoulders.
  2. He’s the Gorgeous Gene at CROSS GENE. “The president who resides in an ice palace by himself just enjoy the snow queen at a fairytale. He’s got the ability to proceed into another’s mind. Anyone will be interested in looking in his eyes.”
  3. His father and mother divorced.
  4. His shoe size is 27,5cm.
  5. His hairstyle is more asymmetry, natural durable.
  6. He’s calm if he takes a stroll.
  7. He’s large when he climbs hills.
  8. He does not like liver and poultry skin.
  9. He consistently brings gums and sweets.
  10. His favorite food is Hayashi Beef and Rice Risotto. He also could eat 6 meals of rice.
  11. His favorite beverages are matcha latte and lemon green tea.
  12. His favorite musicians include Aiko, AAA, Yuzu, RADWIMPS, flumpool, Aqua Timez, Miss A, SHINee, BIGBANG.
  13. He believes his most appealing feature is really a mole.
  14. Takuya has said that he’s hetero after his character in’The Lover’.
  15. He stated if he was not an idol, he’d be Baseball participant.
  16. The toughest choreography for him would be”Shooting Star” (they observed it in 2 weeks ).
  17. In accordance with other members, he also chooses the longest to prepare.
  18. He stated that he was dreadful with mornings. He nicknamed ‘the king of latecomer’ because he would be late for college for five or more times every month.
  19. He along with the other members acknowledge his hassle-averse character.
  20. He regularly goes around for purchasing if he’s free time. If he discovers a revenue thing, he instantly gets it.
  21. Takuya enjoys sports and used to play baseball and basketball. (Cross Gene Writer for Wow! Korea)
  22. He emerged on Music Video of all Hyorin effort. Jooyoung, “Erase”.
  23. Takuya resembles a daddy based on Seyong.
  24. Takuya is very shy occasionally yet he’s proficient at doing aegyo.
  25. Takuya enjoys Math and Science.
  26. He’s interested in Mahjong, Karaoke, Bowling, Reading, etc..
  27. He’s aggressive, he does not like losing matches.
  28. About September 2017he got buffs worried over the material of the musical”Watashi no more Host-chan”, entails the throw playing characters that are hosts along with a voting system by which individuals can”win” encounters with all the cast members such as hugs and other types of bodily interaction.
  29. He had been part of a ramen club throughout his college days. In addition, he introduced as”a man who eats ramen each and every day of this week”. He has an extensive understanding of present ramen manufacturers, new and classic, in Korea (SBS Plus range series,’Must Eat 20′).
  30. Takuya likes to dance woman groups dancing. He did lots woman group dance such as E.X.I.D”Up & Down”, Miss A”Bad Girl Good Girl”, Girl’s Day”Twinkle Twinkle”, 4minute”Crazy”, F(x)”Hot Summer”, respectively in the past.
  31. He had been chosen as a torchbearer for its’2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games’. He conducted on the roads of Changwon dressed in his own Olympic outfit.


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