All About South Korean Comedian Park Myung-soo (Profile, Facts, Net Worth, and Marriage)


Park Myung-soo’s Misogynistic Statement

On June 20th, 2016, Park Myung-soo showed his sexist and derogatory comments towards women while interviewing female police officer on Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show. They were discussing violence and sexual crimes against women. He said, “I guess these (sexual) crimes happen more often now that it’s summer. It’s alright if women wear nice clothes, but I think it’s dangerous for them to wear overly revealing clothing and go out for drinking, or things like that.” Viewers criticized his misogynistic statement through his Instagram account and said that sexual assault doesn’t happen because of one’s outfit.

Park Myung-soo is infamous for his misogynistic statement and is notorious for his history of hitting women. He once boasted to the public for hitting his ex-girlfriend 100 times during a dispute. He was criticized by viewers for his violence toward female entertainers as well. Park Myung-soo has publicly hit AOA’s Seolhyun and comedian Park Na-rae.

Park Myung-soo’s Discography
Year Title Notes
1999 “Change”
2000 “Dr. Park”
2002 “Son of the Wind”
2005 “Tal-la-la”
2009 “Naengmyun” Duet with Girls’ Generation’s Jessica
2010 “Fyah!” Duet with Gil
“Whale” Duet with Kara’s Nicole
2011 “I Cheated” as Great Park, Duet with Big Bang’s G-Dragon
2013 “You’re My Girl”
“I got C” Geumary (Park Myeong-su X Primary) feat. Gaeko
2014 “Tteokbokki” writer and composer
“Don’t Go” with DJ Charles [ko] feat. Kim Shin-young, writer and composer
2015 “Goodbye PMS” Duet with After School’s Lizzy
“Leon” as “EU God-G Isn’t EU” (Park Myeong-su X IU)
2016 “Dokdori” with DinDin feat. Mad Clown
2017 “Saxophone Magic” with DinDin and Danny Jung
2018 “Poison Apple” with Park Na-rae
“SNS” with Hyojung [ko] (Oh My Girls)



Year Title Notes
2005 Deep in the Night
2008 From fool to fool
2010 Fyah Leessang’s Gil Cameo
2012 Endless Dream Collaboration with Jungyup
2013 You’re My Girl
2015 Myung Soo Wind Collaboration with Teen Top
2015 Goodbye PMS Collaboration with After School’s Lizzy

Latest News of Park Myung-soo

Park Myung-soo currently participates in Channel A’s Rewind, MBN’s Man Who Can’t Date and MBC’s South Korean Foreigner. Recently, Park Myung-soo posted a vocal mimicry competition to his Instagram account.

The competition was hosted by KBS’ Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show. He invited his listeners to compete in mimicking any sound from an animal, machine or anything. It sounds like a very fun and entertaining competition. That was all the information about Park Myung-soo. Cheering and supporting him in his entertainment career. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!