All About South Korean Comedian Park Myung-soo (Profile, Facts, Net Worth, and Marriage)


Park Myung-soo’s Wife and Details About His Marriage

Park Myung-soo married his long-time girlfriend, Han Soo-min, who is eight years younger than him on April 8th, 2008. She is not an ordinary woman. She graduated from Korea University’s School of Dentistry and received her certificate in the United States. She also experienced working at the prestigious John Hopkins Hospital.

Park Myung-soo and Han Soo-min met through a blind date and when he saw her picture, he thought he will marry the woman. Park Myung-soo approached her 14 times and even visited her in America only to see her. He is a person who has a strong will; when he decides something he will do it without thinking about other people’s opinion. At first, Han Soo-min’s family was against their marriage. Also, she had to give up her study for their marriage. The couple got through all the obstacles and eventually tied the knot. They have a beautiful daughter, Park Min Seo who was born in October 2008.

Park Myung-soo is a family man and spends time in the house to play with his daughter during his holiday. He lives his aggressive and hot-tempered persona and changes into an affectionate husband and father when he goes home.

Han Soo-min was involved in a scandal regarding her offensive gesture during a broadcast. Her hand gesture is considered highly offensive in Korea. Actually, she wanted to describe her opinion about a product which was very good according to her. Han Soo-min used inappropriate hand gesture which meant derogatory expression to her mother. She immediately acknowledged her mistake and wrote a public apology.

Park Myung-soo Regrets His Decision to Not Join the Cast of Running Man

In an episode of Channel A’s Rewind, cast members were discussing their regrets and things they didn’t do in the past. Park Myung-soo revealed that he wanted to join the variety show Running Man. But, the Infinite Challenge lead producer, Kim Tae-ho, was against his desire. Kim Tae-ho said that if Park Myung-soo joined Running Man, his character will disrupt the color and chemistry of the show. In the end, Park Myung-soo followed his producer’s suggestion. He regretted his decision and said that he would have had a free weekend to DJ in other countries if he had joined Running Man.

Park Myung-soo’s Net Worth

Park Myung-soo had several regular appearances in various Korean TV Stations. He is a permanent member of MBC’s Infinite Challenge and Come to Play. During an event, MBC’s Broadcasting Cultural Promotion Foundation revealed their performing entertainer’s salary. It was revealed that Park Myung-soo earned a total of $840.000 a year on MBC. He earned slightly less than the nation’s MC, Yoo Jae-suk who earned $922.000 in 2007 and $865.000 in 2006. Their yearly earnings are much bigger than other MBC artists such as Lee Hwi-jae, who earned $570.000 and Kim Won-hee, who earned $543.000.

In an episode of Infinite Challenge where cast members acted as robbers from the popular comedy movie Home Alone, Yoo Jae-suk revealed Park Myung-soo’s financial habit. Yoo jae-suk said that he wanted to rob Park Myung-soo’s house in Apgujong. Park Myung-soo has been saving money for 20 years and not spending any money on alcohol or hobbies.

In an episode of KBS’ Cool FM, Park Myung-soo asked guests about their earnings. He jokingly said that he only earned about half of his junior, Yoo Jae-suk. He earned as much as another Infinite Challenge member, Jung Joon-ha.

Park Myung-soo and IU

On the bi-annual Infinite Challenge Music Festival in 2015, Park Myung-soo was partnered with IU. Each cast member had to collaborate with an artist to produce and perform a song. Park Myung-soo and IU formed a group called God-G and they produced a song titled “Leon.” Their song and concert performance took inspiration from the classic movie Leon: The Professional. Their collaboration song, “Leon,” was a huge success and the song reached the top position on all Korean music charts for a couple of days in August 2015.

Park Myung-soo several times revealed his intention for music collaboration with IU. However, due to her busy schedule, IU promised that in the future she would like to do another collaboration project with him.

Park Myung-soo and IU’s connection has remained close. Every Korean Thanksgiving holiday, Park Myung-soo receives a special thanksgiving present from IU. He is a very lucky person to receive a holiday gift from IU.

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