All You Need to Know About Block B’s Taeil: Profil, Tattoos, Height, and Surprising Facts


Block B Taeil Neck Tattoos

Recently, Taeil teased his fans by including a tattoo on his neck using a bat painted in purple. Fans that see tattoos on the throat of Taeil are shocked by his choice. Some say it is cool, and many others criticize that the tattoo is unreasonable. Taeil uploaded photo of his new tattoo on his private Instagram.

taeil bat tato

Since the tattoo is too flashy and seems ridiculous, a journalist writes an article about Taeil’s brand new tattoo titled, “Block B Taeil’Barn swallow (bird) tattoo that adds attention’.” Additional Block B associates, for example Zico, U-Kwon, Park-Kyung, commented on Taeil’s picture and encouraged him. The members by stating, “Ohhhh barn swallow~”, “Yo barn swallow”, and “This tattoo of barn swallow looks quite cool”.

Block B Taeil Interesting Facts


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  1. His favorite number is Seven.
  2. He has the toughest time with choreography.
  3. He coached out the shortest of all the members but has had 6 years of vocal training.
  4. Based on B-Bomb, Taeil’s really quite the scaredy-cat so if you stay concealed and leap out to surprise him, he’ll get scared.
  5. Taeil is the earliest of the group.
  6. He’s a (super cute) fish named “Super Equus”.
  7. Attended Kim Myungki’s Vocal Academy that performer such as Wheesung and Secret’s Song Ji Eun attended.
  8. Taeil enjoys sea creatures, especially fish. In reality, he has more than 700 fish from several species, which range from small fish to large fish.
  9. He has two dogs.
  10. Zico had accidentally spilled a toothpaste into Taeil’s fish tank. Taeil then gets mad at Zico for two weeks.
  11. He was the second member of Block B’s solo debut on March 27, 2015, with the only “Inspiring”.
  12. Although the oldest member, the other staff and members treat it like a kid since it has the smallest body of all members and contains a baby-like face.
  13. Taeil has participated in the”Immortal Song two” program together with P.O. He also engaged in”King of Mask Singer”. Although not winning, he managed to bring a good impression on the jury with a voice that was remarkable.
  14. The name of her lover club is Fishes since she enjoys fish so much better.
  15. Taeil has an older sister who is three years old and also has a younger brother who is nine years younger than him.
  16. Once he slept in the tub until 4 AM.
  17. When Cho PD first met him he said: “You are cute!”
  18. His nickname: Baby Taeil, Haraboji, Back Swag.
  19. The skull ring he used to wear while acting was a present from his lovers.
  20. P.O really love him as a Hyung (old brother).
  21. Taeil’s family owns a BBQ restaurant called “Korean BBQ”.
  22. Taeil’s favourite outfit design is”Street style”.
  23. His favorite thing is a hat.
  24. Taeil is a fan of Kim Bum Soo.
  25. Taeil’s ideal type is Lee Young Ah.