29 Surprisingly Facts About BEAST Member Lee Gi-kwang! Also His Full Profile


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General Information About Lee Gi-kwang

Lee Gi-kwang is a South Korean multi-talented performer. He started his debut as a soloist from CUBE Entertainment on 2009 before after debuting as BEAST manhood by precisely the exact same business.

Lee Gi-kwang was picked as the very handsome face in Asia by global vote. Lee Gi-kwang not just is called a singer, but also as a celebrity, songwriting, dancer, MC and version. Let us get to learn more about Lee Gi-kwang.

Let’s Find Out Full Profile of Lee Gi-kwang


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  • Real Name = Lee Gi-kwang
  • Nickname = AJ (Ace Junior), Pelvic Bone Kwang
  • Birthday = March 30, 1990
  • Origin = Gwangju, South Korea
  • Blood Type = A
  • Religion = Christian
  • Occupation = Singer-songwriter, Actor
  • Education = Seoul Absence of Comprehensive Art School
  • Hobbies = watch movie, dancing, exercising, sleeping and reading comic.
  • Favourite Idol = Taeyang BIGBANG, Omarion and USHER.
  • Favourite pose = Puffed out his cheeks
  • Favourite Japanese word = 大好き daisuki (I love [you/it])
  • Favourite Color = Black
  • Favourite Quote = Enjoying a movie can relieve stress and forget all worries
  • Ideal Type = a girl with round features and some flesh than girls with sharp features. Someone who has sexy, cute and charming side; also someone who can make a move first since he actually a shy person.
  • Group = BEAST | HIGHLIGHT – Vocalist
  • Fan club name = ACES
  • Agency = Cube Entertainment | Around Us Entertainment
  • Years Active = 2008 – Present

29 Surprisingly Facts About Lee Gi-kwang That You Don’t Know


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  1. His character is glowing, foolish, cheerful, fond of practice, really friendly.
  2. He was a JYP Entertainment trainee for 4 years prior to being removed.
  3. He was a DSP Entertainment trainee earlier went to JYP Entertainment
  4. He was an Epik High dancer.
  5. He enjoys performing the crump dance.
  6. He’s allergic to fish.
  7. He just had one double veneer onto his eyes and constantly felt insecure out of it.
  8. He readily goes to sleep when he lays back on the mattress.
  9. His favorite beverage is Protein Shake.
  10. He’s a younger brother called Lee Hae-kyung
  11. He’s been a trainee for a total of 5-7 decades.
  12. He does not like to perform cleanup but enjoys exercising.
  13. It’s difficult to allow him to lose weight.
  14. He did not understand the distinction between a swing and a seesaw for a kid.
  15. He was able to practice dance until late from prior to his introduction until after introduction.
  16. He adores watching black men and women dance because they dance really passionately.
  17. He learned to write tunes for himself first before later becoming a songwriter.
  18. He heard MC opening statements from Jo Kwon.
  19. He consistently trusts other folks words its incorrect.
  20. He had been a CUBE Entertainment first trainee with no connecting any audition.
  21. When he debut as a soloist, he had been appointed AJ before debuting as BEAST member. Yoon Doo-joon, Yong Jun-hyung, Jang Hyun-seung and Yang Yo-seob became his back up dancers before BEAST’s debut.
  22. He turned into a model for Ailee’s”Heaven audio movie.
  23. He became a part of South Korean actress football group and visited Indonesia after with his group.
  24. He rated 9th at allkpop’s That Celebrity Born in 1990 has got the Largest Possible to go Far survey.
  25. He started Lady Gaga’s Korean showcase on June 17, 2009.
  26. He is one of the creators of About Us Entertainment on December 9, 2016 and Yoon Doo-joon, Yang Yo-seob, Yong Jun-hyung and Son Dong-woon.
  27. He also bought his dad a construction.
  28. He’s a very popular Korean performer in Hong Kong.
  29. For a soloist, he previously held two concerts in Korea and Japan. LEEGIKWANG Mini LIVE 2018 held in Blue Square I Market Hall, Seoul on January 27-28, 2018 and Japan – Mynavi BLITZ, Akasaka, Tokyo on July 22, 2018.

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