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Bang Shi-hyuk’s Production Discography

Bang Shi-hyuk work

Since Bang Shi-hyuk first joined JYP Entertainment and then founded Big Hit Entertainment, he’s produced a lot of songs and composed for many artists, ranging from veterans Im Chang-jung and Park Ji-yoon, singer-actor Rain, the groups Wonder Girls, 2AM, and Teen Top, R&B singer Baek Ji-young, BTS and many other artists. From the beginning of his career through the present, Bang Si-hyuk is still active behind the scenes, supporting his artists. Here’s a list of Bang Shi-hyuk’s work until now.

Bang Shi-hyuk produce song list
Year Artist Album Additional Notes
2007 Wonder Girls The Wonder Years
2009 Taegoon 1st Mini Album
2010 2AM Saint o’Clock
2011 Homme Homme by Hitman Bang
Lee Seung-gi Tonight
Teen Top Roman with Composer Park Chang-hyeon
2013 BTS 2 Cool 4 Skool Co-produced with Pdogg
2014 Skool Luv Affair
Skool luv Affair Special Edition
1st Japan Single Album: No More Dream
2nd Japan Single Album: Boy In Luv
Dark & Wild
3rd Japan Single Album: Danger
1st Japanese Album: Wake Up
2015 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1
4th Japan Single Album: For You
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2
5th Japan Single Album: I NEED U
6th Japan Single Album: Run
2016 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever
2nd Japanese Album: Youth
2017 WINGS: You Never Walk Alone
Love Yourself 承 Her
2018 Love Yourself 轉 Tear
Love Yourself 結 Answer
IZ Angel “Angel” with Supreme Boi, co-composed “Granulate” with Kim Do Hoon.


Bang Shi-hyuk’s Awards and Nominations

Bang Shi-hyuk award achievement

Bang Shi-hyuk efforts as a producer has earned him a lot of recognition from many award ceremonies inside Korea. The following achievements are from his work with BTS and other artists. Bang Shi-hyuk’s personal work has still gained a lot of appreciation from the public. Bang Shi-hyuk attended several award ceremonies with BTS when his schedule was free. Here’s the list of Bang Shi-hyuk award achievements until now.

Year Event Name Category
2009 Melon Music Awards Songwriter Award
2010 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards 20’s Most Influential Stars Award
2016 Asia Artist Awards Best Producer Award
Melon Music Awards Songwriter Award
Mnet Asian Music Awards Special Awards – Best Executive Producer
2017 Golden Disc Awards Best Producer Award
Gaon Chart Music Awards Producer of the Year
Korea Content Awards Presidential Commendation Award
2018 Seoul Music Awards Producer Award
MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards
Mnet Asian Music Awards Producer of the Year


Bang Shi-hyuk Founded Big Hit Entertainment

Bang Shi-hyuk and Big Hit Entertainment

Bang Shi-hyuk established Big Hit Entertainment in 2005, on February 1. Located at Seoul, Gangnam-gu, South Korea, the agency is the home of the popular boy-group BTS, the upcoming boy-group TXT, and soloist Lee Hyun. Big Hit Entertainment had a lot of famous artists signed up with them, such as K.Will, 2AM, 8Eight, GLAM, Lim Jeong-hee, and Hommee. Bang Shi-hyuk has a different point of view from other CEOs and founders, and it influences the culture and energy inside Big Hit Entertainment.

The Success of BTS Behind Bang Shi-hyuk

BTS and Bang Shi-hyuk

Bang Shi-hyuk’s magic touch and his hard work with his entertainment company, Big Hit Entertainment, helped BTS gain a lot of success as the first male group from the company. However, Bang Shi-hyuk doesn’t like being referred to as BTS’s father, because it might make the relationship become like company-product relationship rather than producer-artist relationship. Plus, the public might think Bang Shi-hyuk was already married, which he isn’t.

BTS and Bang Shi-hyuk have a very close relationship. Bang Shi-hyuk really supports BTS from the bottom, and is still actively contributing with BTS title tracks and other activities until now. He also gives the group its freedom to explore their aspirations in music.

Their close relationship can be seen through several occasions with BTS members teasing Bang Si-hyuk “PD-nim”, both on-stage and off-stage. Several members of the group can also impersonate Bang Si-hyuk’s intonation also appearance.

Bang Shi-hyuk’s Net Worth 2019

Bang Shi-hyuk and Big Hit Net worth

It’s been predicted by a reporter from Hankyung (Korean Economic Daily) that Bang Shi-hyuk can potentially become the richest person in Korean entertainment if the company decides to go public with an IPO. Big Hit Entertainment is currently on the same level with the ‘Big 3′ entertainment agencies’ (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment), or even above them after the company value surpasses the ‘Big 3’ total value. Big Hit Entertainment’s potential market capitalization is estimated to be around 700 billion KRW ($651 million USD). With Bang Si Hyuk holding 50.88% of the company, his stock holdings would be worth 350 billion KRW ($326 million).

Bang Shi-hyuk’s Dating Rumors

Bang Shi-hyuk dating rumor

Bang Shi-hyuk was once caught in a dating rumor in 2018. He was spotted with a beautiful lady having a holiday together in Vietnam. The lady’s identity was revealed afterward, and  Sohee was born in 1997, the same year as BTS’s Jungkook. Netizens would know it after Sohee was spotted wearing the exact same outfit in her own photo. There hasn’t been any further news or information related to this rumor until now.

Bang Shi-hyuk dating rumor with sohee

Bang Shi-hyuk’s Relationship with JYP’s CEO, Park Jin-young

Bang Shi-hyuk and JYP

Bang Shi-hyuk is a former producer, composer, and arranger for JYP Entertainment. Even before that, he and Park Jin-young met during mid-1990 and become partners as a songwriting duo. He and Park Jin-young become “Hitman” together after writing for the successful boy-group G.O.D at the time. Even after Bang Shi-hyuk became focused with his own agency, Big Hit Entertainment, he and Park Jin-young have stayed friends, and support each other to this day. When BTS became hit in the U.S, Bang Shi-hyuk made a phone call to Park Jin-young. He shared the reaction through an interview.


Q: “We’re curious about the reaction of J.Y. Park, who you used to work together with for a long time. Is he envious at all?”

A: “Not at all. Jin Young hyung is not the type to get jealous of such things. He’s the person who I think is the coolest of all, and the first person who came into my mind when BTS succeeded. Jin Young hyung was the first person I talked to on the phone when BTS received an award at ‘Billboard Music Awards‘, and I’ve also talked with him on the phone when they recently attended ‘AMAs‘. He told me, ‘I’m so proud of you. Thank you. You are amazing’.”

Bang Shi-hyuk’s Twitter

Bang Shi-hyuk twitter

Bang Shi-hyuk has his own personal Twitter account, @hitmanb, and sometimes shares his personal activity. Most of his tweets are about BTS, as he supports the group all he can. Through Bang Shi-hyuk’s posts, A.R.M.Y and the public will very quickly realize that Bang Shi-hyuk loves food a lot.

Bang Shi-hyuk’s Latest News

Bang Shi-hyuk latest news

Bang Shi-hyuk might be busy preparing Big Hit’s new boy-group, TXT’s, debut this year, 2019. he’s also planning the upcoming comeback of group BTS, with a brand new concept. He’s always working behind the curtain, so let’s support and anticipate Bang Shi-hyuk’s work in the future.

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