All You Need to Know About Baek Ye-rin (Profile, Facts, Debut, Solo Artist, and Latest News)


Baek Ye-rin’s Debut with 15&

On September 27th, 2012, JYP Entertainment revealed that Ye-rin would debut as part of a duo along with Park Ji-min called 15&. On October 7th, the duo debuted with their first single, “I Dream,” on SBS’ Inkigayo. The duo began a four-year hiatus in February 2015 and de facto disbanded following Park’s leave from JYP Entertainment.

Baek Ye-rin Becoming a Solo Artist

In November 2015, Ye-rin debuted as a solo artist with her first extended play, Frank, with the lead single titled “Across the Universe.” She named her album title as a tribute to Amy Winehouse, whose debut album shared the same name. The lead song’s lyrics were inspired by the film The Martian.

Ye-rin then released her first digital single titled Bye Bye My Blue on June 20th, 2016. Her follow-up digital single titled Love You on Christmas was released on December 7th.

As Ye-rin continued to feature on songs by popular artists, she also began performing covers and her own unreleased songs at festivals. In 2018, she formed The Volunteers with independent rock band Bye Bye Badman, including the release of their English-language, post-grunge rock EP Vanity & People.

Her last single under JYP Entertainment is titled “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault” which she released in March 2019.


Discography of Baek Ye-rin


  • Frank (2015)
  • Our Love Is Great (2019)

Digital singles

  • “Bye Bye My Blue” (2016)
  • “Love You On Christmas” (2016)


  • Chicago Typewriter OST Part. 2 (2017)

Other releases

  • “I Don’t Know” (2017)

Baek Ye-rin Songwriting Credits

Title Artist Year Peak chart positions Sales
(Digital downloads)
Album Notes
“Before I Knew It”
(나도 모르게)
2017 Non-album single Lyricist
“Still the One”
(좋은 사람)
Re: Born Lyricist
“From Now On” Chungha
2018 79 Blooming Blue Songwriter
Non-album single Lyricist
“Young in Love”
(우리가 즐거워)
2019 Flourishing Songwriter


Baek Ye-rin Instagram

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A post shared by @ yerin_the_genuine on

On August 2nd, Ye-rin updated new pictures on Instagram. In one of the pictures, she poses in front of the camera with the blue sky and sea as a background. Her quiet aura is really shining throughout her picture and she seems relaxed and comfortable.

Latest News About Baek Ye-rin

Well-loved female vocalist Baek Ye-rin is here with a beautiful remake of a fusion jazz classic from 1989, “Suddenly” originally sung by Jang Pil-soon.

Baek Ye Rin’s remake single and MV are both a part of Digging Club Seoul‘s ‘Onstage 2.0’ project, meant to cast light on old songs which were “ahead of their time.” Baek Ye Rin worked closely with the original song producer Kim Hyun-chul to recreate a lovely, classy sound to the modern remake of “Suddenly.”

Regarding her participation in the ‘Onstage 2.0’ project, Baek Ye Rin shared, “I haven’t been singing for very long but, I believe that singing contains a myriad of one’s inner characteristics and thoughts which make up the voice itself; and after listening to Jang Pil Soon sunsaengnim‘s voice, I dared to think that maybe there was a small part of me which resembles Jang Pil Soon sunsaengnim‘s sound. So I sang this song hoping that if I were to sing Jang Pil Soon sunsaengnim‘s song, many people would like it.”

Check out the full MV for Baek Ye Rin’s remake of “Suddenly” below!


We’re sad that 15& has come to an end but we do hope she will shine brighter and brighter as a solo artist <33. What do you think about her new single?

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