Get Closer With ARIAZ’s Member Sihyeon (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Religion, Produce 101, and Instagram)


Latest News About Sihyeon

Sihyeon and ARIAZ still manage their work as a new girl group. After their debut, ARIAZ also confirmed that they will participate in the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship’ on MBC. The show has been waiting for so many fans because it was rarely happening to highlight the sport skill or other talent of the idol.

This event will show idol teams in all 7 sporting categories. Apparently, there will be 51 idol teams which are 202 individuals that will compete in the Lunar New Year Special as ‘2020 ISAC’. This athletic championship is annually happening in South Korea recently that invite another idol from various company. The categories of athletic championship look like the usual international olympiad sport such as archery, wrestling, free kick shootouts, baseball pitching, e-sports, and horseback riding which is also almost the same with the Chuseok Special 2019 ISAC.

Besides ARIAZ, the other girl idol teams also participated like G)l-DLE, AOA, ARIAZ, ITZY, GWSN, Gugudan, Nature, DIA, Rocket Punch, MAMAMOO, Momoland, Saturday, 3EYE, April, A Pink, Oh MyGirl, LOONA, Cosmic Girls, Cherry Bullet, Purplebeck, Pink Fantasy, and HashTag.

On Instagram official of ARIAZ, @ariaz.official, Sihyeon send a message that said “It has been a long time since I have been in the middle of a long time, thank you for being with me for 300 days don’t get sick in the future!”

She sent us love and encourage the fans to stay healthy since it still COVID 19 pandemic. She uploaded the cutest aegyo and smile!.

Moreove, Sihyeon also gives extra beautiful photos for her fans. Can’t wait to her come back with ARIAZ!

Until we see their comeback, watch this music video, the Moonlight Aria, their debut song! This song has so much nice and energetic song. This could be matched to your ode song to start your day. What do you think?

That’s all about Sihyeon ARIAZ, her career journey, and the latest news. Keep supporting Sihyeon and all her aspiration careers all the way! To debut as an idol it somehow and surely comes from a long way and hard path, keep sending positive messages and kind words to give to the idol. Moreover, they are also human as we are, who also has life and soul. Don’t forget to give your comment and share your thoughts below!