Get Closer With ARIAZ’s Member Sihyeon (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Religion, Produce 101, and Instagram)


ARIAZ’s Sihyeon’s Singing To Kwon Jinah’s Tell Me About Your Day

When talking about her voice, Sihyeon could really set her heart and soul to sing, especially during this cover Tell Me About Your Day by Jinah. You will find that her voice is so calm and soulful on this ballad song.

Watch this cover music song above! You will love it!

Sihyeon Pre-debut Story As Produce 101 Contestant

Sihyeon begins her journey before debut by joining Produce 101 in 2016 as a trainee from Star Empire Entertainment. Yet, Sihyeon gets eliminated in episode 8 and apparently get ranked 84th. On this video above, you will see the performances of Sihyeon during Produce 101. She was talented, indeed!

For fact, Sihyeon also has ever experience become the backup dancers of Jewelry, ZE:A, Nine Muses, and Imfact before debut. She also becomes the backup dancer along with Yunji, Hyogyeong, and Yeori, the other fellow member.

Sihyeon never gives up, she tried to do an audition with other survival reality show MIXNINE in October 2017. She passed the audition and getting through into episode 10 yet eliminated and become rank 29th.

She finally get debut and reach her dream to be idol group with ARIAZ in October 2019, Sihyeon becomes the fourth member that announces on the teaser concept photo.

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