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All About Member of ARGON, Roel (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Religion, Personality, and Instagram)

ARGON Roel Byeol Korea
ARGON's Roel

Calling out all of those ARGON fan-girls out there! The boy group which raised under MHS Entertainment was gained a lot of attention wholeheartedly, not only their visuals but also the dancing and vocal skills as well. And now, Byeol Korea will give you a complete package of ARGON’s member, Roel. Keep on scrolling down until the last page!

Complete Profile of Roel

ARGON's Roel
  • Birth Name: Kim Sun-ho (김선호)
  • Stage Name: Roel (로엘)
  • Date of Birth: February 13, 1997
  • Age: 23 years old (International age) / 24 years old (Korean age)
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
  • Associated With: ARGON
  • Label: MSH Entertainment
  • Years Active: 2019 – present

Fun Facts of Roel

  1. Roel was the third member to be releaved in ARGON
  2. He loves to watching movies as well as tidying up
  3. Roel used to joined a broadcasting club during his elementary school until middle school, as announcer and sound engineer
  4. He was one of the vocal liners in ARGON, and people also raised him for his charming voice
  5. His vocal trainer also said that his voice is sexy
  6. Roel was showcase his charming voice through a short songs cover of IU’s Ending Scene during Pops in Seoul ARGON episodes
  7. He has dimples on both of his cheeks
  8. Roel also hosting his own radio program on ARGON’s V-Live account
  9. He often jokes that his blood type is handsome
  10. Baby powder is Roel’s favorite scent
  11. Roel likes fried foods as well as all kind of pizza toppings
  12. He isn’t good at sport with balls
  13. He always dream of being a singer
  14. In ARGON’s dorms, he’s the member who eat snacks the most
  15. When Roel was tired, he wanted to be told from other people of “Let’s go eating delicious food”

Learn More About ARGON’s Roel Personality

ARGON's Roel

Are you curious about ARGON’s Roel personality? Let’s find out more here! For the personality of ARGON’s Roel, he was famously known as someone calm and soft. It also shown from the way he talked, the way he smile to everyone, as well as his kind attitude as well. He also the type person who made other people felt comfortable easily, and those dimples on his cheeks was increasing the ‘friendly’ appearance of him as well!

ARGON’s Roel Focus Fancam

A focus fancam from our bias is something important for every K-Pop idol fandom, right? So does with ARGON’s Roel fangirl! During one of ARGON’s performance for Master Key, there was ARGON’s Roel focus fancam which ‘focused’ on Roel performance, obviously. Through the fancam, we could seen him clearly and noticed every single move that he made!

In that performance, Roel was looking extremely breathtaking with his charisma! He was dressed-up in a pair of stripped blazer and pants, basic white T-Shirt, and some accessories which completed his style as well. But the most important was came up from his performance! Not only visual, but Roel was emphasized his amazing vocal skills, as well as his magnificent dancing moves!

People couldn’t deny the sexiness within his voice, as he said that most of the time people also told him that his voice was fulfilled with sexiness! Not only that, his charismatic aura also showcases through his expression during performance on the stage. Well, ARGON’s Roel was truly gave a ‘lit’ to the performance!

Watch the magnificent performance of ARGON’s Roel through a focus fancam here:

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