All You Need to Know About 4MEN’s Shin Young-jae (Profile, Facts, Debut, Career, and Latest News)


Get Closer With Korean R&B singer, Shin Young-jae

Hello, readers! In this article, Byeol Korea will bring you some information about the amazing Korean R&B singer, Shin Young-Jae.

If you already to listen to a lot of R&B, you’ll probably already know his name from being a member of the group 4MEN. Other people know him for his beautiful soundtracks for some K-dramas. This article will tell you all about Shin Young-jae, from his facts to his latest news. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look.

Full Profile and Facts of Shin Young-jae

Shin Young-jae is a South Korean singer. He was born in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea, on November 1, 1989. His height is 176 cm and his weight is 72 kg. Shin Young-jae’s sign is Scorpio.

He has a round face and fair skin. His hair color is a regular brown and his hair type is straight. His eyes have a similar color to his hair. Shin Young-jae has a cool, friendly look that make people around him feel comfortable.

The performer owns an apartment in Seoul, South Korea. Until this day, Shin Young-jae is currently isingle. His favorite color is black.

Shin Young-jae’s Debut as Member of 4MEN

4MEN is an R&B group that was formed in 1998 and is still active even now. Despite the name, the group only has two members, Shin Young-jae and Kim Won-joo.

Under the label MAJOR9, Shin Young-jae debuted as a 4MEN member with his two friends, Kim Young-jae and Kim Won-joo, in 2008 after all the original members of 1998’s 4MEN (Yoon Min-soo, Jeong Se-young, Han Hyeon-hee, Lee Jeong-ho, and J-1) withdrew from the group.

After Kim Young-jae’s withdrawal from the group in 2014, 4MEN continued promoting as the duo of Shin Young-jae and Kim Won-joo.

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