Get Closer With Korean Male Group 2AM (Profile, Facts, Debut, Hiatus, and Latest News)


2AM’s Plastic Surgery

2AM plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a common question among idols. Given that, it’s pretty surprising that none of the members of 2AM have ever been rumored to have gone under the knife. Even Changmin’s lower jaw hasn’t triggered questions about undergoing plastic surgery, and is generally attributed to diet and exercise.

2AM’s Individual Activities

2AM individual schedule

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon signed up with Cube Entertainment after his contract finished with JYP Entertainment in 2017. He released a digital single, Lonely, on January 10, 2018, through Cube Entertainment. The digital single was his last release before his enlistment in the army in August, 2018.


Changmin originally came from Big Hit Entertainment. His contract with Big Hit Entertainment ended in February, 2018, and he decided to leave the company. Changmin formed his own agency, called The Bsky, afterward. However, he admitted that Big Hit Entertainment is the most caring agency, and really took care of him well. He also said that he and Big Hit will still maintain their close relationship by joining in collaborations in the future.

Changmin released his first solo mini album, The Bright Sky, on April 11, 2018, and is currently busy with his own schedule as a soloist and the CEO of his own agency.


After Jinwoon left JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment, he joined Mystic Entertainment, releasing three albums: Jung Jin Woon Maxi Single Album Vol. 1 – WILL, Set Me Free (with Jeong Hanbin (정한빈)), and Love is True. Jinwoon is still active as actor, too, and has been joining variety shows until now.


Seulong moved to Sides HQ after his contract with JYP Entertainment ended in 2015. He pursues his career as both an actor and singer through his new agency. Seulong released a lot of singles, fill up soundtrack songs, and does a lot of collaboration. He also starred in various dramas and movies, while actively appearing in variety shows, too. Seulong was also part of a musical in 2017, Mata Hari, playing Armand. Seulong has been active as composer and already is certified by KOMCA.

2AM’s Hiatus

2AM latest news

2AM hasn’t disbanded. Each of the members are actually from different agencies, but mostly their active as a whole group under JYP Entertainment. When their contract with JYP Entertainment ended, they went back to their own agencies or moved to another agency to pursue their own paths. Changmin went back to Big Hit Entertainment and formed his new agency after his contract with his originated agency ended in February 2018. Jo-kwon pursued his career as singer under Cube Entertainment, Seulong is active under Sidus HQ as both a singer and actor, while Jinwoon is active as both an actor and singer under Mystic Entertainment. All the members agree that 2AM hasn’t disbanded, but none of them have suggested a comeback is in the near future.

Military Service of 2AM’s Member

2AM Military Service

Military service is a mandatory activity for all Korean men. The members of 2AM should go to military service at the right time. Changmin was the first member to go for military service. He went in and finished his obligation before he debuted with 2AM in 2008. Seulong went on August 28, 2017, to joined the local army training center and now serves as active duty after his five weeks of basic military training.

Unfortunately, Seulong was transferred to reservist duty due a rare disorder in April, 2018.  Currently, Jo-kwon is the member who’s doing his military service, and he will be released on March 24, 2020. Jinwoon will be the last 2AM member who goes for his mandatory service obligation.

2AM’s Instagram

2AM instagram update

2AM doesn’t have an official instagram account for the group. Each of members share their latest activity through their own, personal, Instagram accounts.

Jo-kwon is currently enlisted in military service, and will perform in the musical “Shinheung Military Academy” alongside SHINee’s Onew, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, actor Ji Chang-wook, and Kang Ha-neul.

Changmin, who’s busy with his own schedule as CEO of The Bsky Entertainment, is updating about his CEO activity to his fans and hopes he will back with a new song, soon.

Seulong isn’t currently updating his Instagram account due to his military enlistment. However, he still updated about his personal schedule with the latest update on November 26, 2018.

Jinwoon is currently busy with another variety show for Channel A, alongside entertainers Shin Hyun-joon, Hwang Jae-sung and Yura. The show is about professional flight attendants as they started their careers and experienced real situations on board their planes.

2AM’s Latest News

2AM latest update

There are no further plan of a group comeback at this time. Each of 2AM members are still busy with their own schedule.

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