All Info About Ahn Jae-hyun’s Beautiful Wife, Ku Hye-sun (Profile, Facts, and Her Novel)


The Actress and Writer, Ku Hye-sun

Who doesn’t know about Boys Over Flowers? It’s a drama that gave an enormous impact to the Hallyu wave. Viewers fell in love with the drama, the storyline, and absolutely the actors and actresses. If you watched the series, you know the main actress who plays as Geum Jan-di, Ku Hye-sun. The 34-year-old actress, who married actor Ahn Jae-hyun, is known as for her work in numerous series, including Boys over Flowers, such as Blood, Captain and I, and Angel Eyes.

Besides being active in entertainment industry, Ku Hye-sun is also writing a novel. She published her first novel back in 2009, and recently, the actress has shared what she’s currently working on in her personal Instagram account. She posted a picture captioned with some lines in her novel. It tells about a love story between a man and a woman in their thirties. Would you like to know about her next novel? Check this out!

A Glimpse of her new novel of Ku Hye-sun

On January 12, 2019, Ku Hye Sun posted a selfie with the caption, “I’m in the midst of working on a novel entitled ‘Soju’s Sangshik.’” The next day, she also shared a photo of a document detailing her novel’s premise and characters, as well as a brief glimpse of the synopsis.

Ku Hye Sun’s pitch begins, “‘The moment that you were no longer mine, then you truly became mine.’ The desire to possess love only creates fear. Once you get rid of that desire, then you can truly possess [love]. Isn’t that what love truly is.”

The strange love philosophy of a strange woman named ‘Soju’ moves [the heart] of an ordinary man named ‘Sangshik.’ And it will also move us ordinary [readers].

The main characters of the novel are described as “Kang Sangshik, an ordinary man in his early thirties,” and “Pi Soju, a strange woman in her early thirties.

Finally, what is visible of the novel’s synopsis reads, “‘Sangshik,’ an ordinary man, is the friend of a bridegroom who is about to get married. One day, Sangshik accompanies the bride and groom to a meeting between their two families, where he meets the bride’s intoxicated friend ‘Soju’ and shows an interest in her.”

“Soju suddenly proposes marriage to Sangshik and begins to love him. Sangshik attempts to avoid the overwhelming [Soju].”

Journey of Ku Hye-sun’s to her first novel, Tango

Besides being a talented actress, she is also passionate about her writing. She’s already published a novel titled Tango. The novel was published in March, 2009, and on a chance she shared why she chose Tango as the title for her first novel. Not many people knew that she had been working on her novel during her shooting of popular drama Boys Over Flowers. 

“One day, I was listening to the song ‘Tango’ by Ryuichi Sakamoto, and a lot of stories went through my mind. That’s why I titled the book ‘Tango’ and how I started writing. The book deals with the loves and breakups that one woman experiences, and her growth through them. The main character is a lot like me.” said Ku Hye-sun.

The novel wasn’t Ku Hye-sun’s first writing endeavor — she’d already scripted a short film she directed, The Cheerful Caretaker, but Tango was be her first book.

Despite the entire cast of the drama series scraping by on minimal sleep or rest, Ku Hye-sun was actually writing her novel during the same time she was shooting Boys Over Flowers. (Not only that, she actually started Tango after starting work on BOF; she had been writing for months in her spare moments. As though she has any!) After being in a car accident during her shoot, her first concern was for her laptop computer, fearing that her work had been destroyed (it hadn’t), and she continued writing as she recovered in the hospital.

After the book came out, Ku announced her intention to put out a “new age album” of music she’s written.

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